July 26, 2021
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Meet The Ather Dot, A New Way To Charge Your 450 e-Scooter

The Dot will be available with the next batch of Ather 450s.

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Meet The Ather Dot, A New Way To Charge Your 450 e-Scooter
Meet The Ather Dot, A New Way To Charge Your 450 e-Scooter

Thanks to electric mobility solutions, electric vehicle manufacturers are able to learn, adapt and improvise various behavioural patterns of the owners. Banking on a year’s worth of data, Ather has been ahead of the game in such matters. Recently, it had released statistics of the cumulative ride data of its customers. Now to facilitate ease of charging, Ather has introduced a new home charging solution called the Ather Dot.

In Ather’s findings it was found that most owners preferred overnight charging of their scooters. The Ather Dot is meant to ease up the charging process by taking the charging system off the vehicle. Apart from reducing the weight of carrying a charger around, the Ather Dot also has features like auto cut-off and app integration.

Ather will be offering the Ather Dot to all of its soon-to-be-buyers of the 450 in Chennai while in Bangalore this will be offered to those who will be receiving deliveries from October 2019. For Rs 1,800, Ather will come and fit the system at your desired location.

More details in the company’s press statement below:

As of August 30th, 2019 Ather will introduce a new home charging point - Ather Dot, for its Ather 450 customers in Chennai & Bengaluru.

Ather has been working with its customers in the past year to make improvements and changes to its intelligent scooter, the Ather 450. One of those was to take the charger off-board. Taking it off helps in improving weight distribution and also improves the vehicle dynamics. All this without a drastic change in the charging performance.

And based on the feedback received from their fleet on the road, Ather’s new charging point will be smaller, lighter and easy to install.

A little about Ather Dot

Ather Dot is equipped with surge protection and authenticated power transfer so that it’s safe and works only with an Ather scooter. With its features like auto cut-off and app integration, charging will continue to be an unattended overnight activity.

With the Ather Dot the overnight charging time changes to 4 hours and 30 mins for upto 80% SOC while 0% to 100% will now take 5 hours and 15 mins. The charging patterns show that most Bengaluru owners charge either overnight or during the day at their workplace. So, the slight spike in the charging time will not affect the charging behaviour and usage of the owners. Charging time at the Ather Grid remains the same.

Installing the Ather Dot

Ather will provide an option of paid installation of Ather Dot which will include standard installation, consumables, labour charges, all at a cost of Rs. 1800 (incl. GST). Since some owners might want their local electricians to install the charging point, the process has been simplified. An installation manual will be given to the owners and the charging point will be shipped to them post completing the payment for the Ather 450 and prior its delivery.

Ather Dot will be delivered to all Chennai customers along with their Ather 450. In Bengaluru, all the customers getting their vehicle after October, 2019 will get it with the new charging point.

Source: zigwheels.com

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