Thursday, Oct 06, 2022

'Amazed At The Sheer Irresponsibility Of the Pakistani Statements'

On the Pakistani Nuclear threat and "unleashing a storm" -- full text of the briefing on May 30.

Would you respond to the Pakistani Ambassador to UN that even in the conventional war Pakistan will go nuclear?

I think we have answered that question time and time again. This is yet another manifestation of loose talk and irresponsible statements emanating from Pakistan with reference to the current situation. This contrasts graphically with the responsibility that India has consistently displayed and I think the world should draw appropriate inferences from this contrast. The fact is that Pakistan seems to be prepared to stoop to any depth in order to capitalize on the so called and I will put in quotes " nuclear scare". We have never ever sought to strike any alarmist postures in the current context except to reiterate that the focus here is on terrorism and the fact that the Pakistani state has been a sponsor of terrorism and that it has refused to heed to the requirements of international law as laid down in UNSC Resolution 1373 in order to address the problem of terrorism, in order to deal effectively with this problem and to eliminate it once in for all. We are amazed at the sheer irresponsibility of the Pakistani statements.

President Musharraf warned that Pakistan would unleash a storm if Indian forces cross LoC. Any comments?

It is yet another example of belligerent posturing by Pakistan. It confirms in fact and it perfectly validates what we said in response to General Musharraf’s speech the other day that Pakistan’s stance is disappointing and dangerous. Dangerous precisely because it is through such belligerent posturing that tension has added to.

There is a report that Pakistan would submit a list of 32 most wanted criminals. Have you received that list?

No, I have no information of it. We have not received any such indication at all and what more can I say. Pakistan basically has to focus on the central issue of the lethal export of terrorism to India. We have to see evidence on the ground that it is taking action in response to the assurances that it has made. There is no point in deflecting attention from this central issue.

Any comment on this separate meeting, which is going to take place in Almaty with President Putin?

No, we have commented on it. The Minister also answered questions on this the other day. As far as any talks between President Musharraf and our Prime Minister are concerned we don’t see any possibility. As far as a meeting between India and Russia, we keep meeting at various levels, and we consult with each other about the situation and the Russian Government has issued a number of statements in which it has very appropriately and correctly stressed the need for Pakistan to stop any activity from territory controlled by it, any terrorist activity from the territory it controls which is directed against India. The Russian Government is seized of our concerns and the conversations that our Prime Minister had with President Putin and the consultations that are taking place at the level of our Foreign Ministers, and at the level of our Ambassadors in both capitals, these will obviously be continued and the meeting that our Prime Minister and President Putin will have in Almaty is important since it constitutes a further strengthening of such mutual consultations in the light of our strategic partnership, and sharing with each other our views on the emerging situation.

You have anything on the telephonic exchange between EAM and French Foreign Minister?

The French Foreign Minister Mr. Dominique de Villepin and the External Affairs Minister Shri Jaswant Singh had a telephonic conversation this afternoon at 2.00 pm. It lasted about 10 minutes. The French Foreign Minister said that France was greatly impressed by the responsibility and responsible attitude that India has shown in regard to the current situation in our region and that France believes that Pakistan must and should honour its commitment to stop the export of terrorism to India. Of course from our side our External Affairs Minister briefed Mr. De Villepin about the latest developments and stressed the need for international community to recognize the fact that Pakistan must translate its assurances into action on the ground and that the international community must understand the mindset of the Pakistani leadership.

We are also briefing various Foreign Ambassadors about the current situation. The Foreign Secretary today met the Chinese and Nepalese Ambassadors and High Commissioner of Bangladesh. Secretary (ER), Mr. Shashank, has briefed some of the Ambassadors of ASEAN countries. Secretary (West), Shri K. Sibal, is currently in Madrid for consultations with the EU Presidency and from there he will go to Rome for Foreign Office Consultations.

What about the assurances by Mr. Straw that Pakistan is closing down terrorist camps and ending infiltration?

While I don’t want to comment on the content of confidential discussions that have taken place during the visit of Mr. Straw, the fact is that whatever assurances that Pakistani leadership may make, we will wait to see whether it will be translated into action on ground, whether there is positive change on the ground in terms of infiltration and we will then form our assessment.

Is EAM meeting the Japanese Envoy?

Yes, he is meeting him tomorrow.

Would you like to respond to Jack Straw’s comment that war is inevitable?

War is never inevitable in that sense. Our External Affairs Minister said quite clearly that we are not war-mongerers but that our patience has been stretched. The fact is that India has acted responsibly and will act responsibly. Pakistan should not construe this and should not interpret this as any sign of wavering or doubt on our part as to where the need for action lies and on the fact that India demands action on this front on the issues of concern to it and I mean here the issue of terrorism and action against the export of terrorism to India.

Is Secretary Rumsfeld visiting India?
I understand Mr. Rumsfeld is to come here after a few days after Mr. Armitage’s visit. I have no information regarding dates.

When is Mr. Armitage coming?
He is arriving on the 6th June. His meetings here are slated for the 7th June.