May 31, 2020
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Adridh Karma Or Karma Correction Brings Prosperity With Peace: Acharya Dr Vinay Bajrangi

Adridh Karma Or Karma Correction Brings Prosperity With Peace: Acharya Dr Vinay Bajrangi
Adridh Karma Or Karma Correction Brings Prosperity With Peace: Acharya Dr Vinay Bajrangi

Could you please tell us briefly about your background and how you developed an interest in astrology?

My initial education was Masters in Civil Engineering. My Karmas of the past life drifted my attention from technocracy to the spiritual science of astrology. It is now nearly 24 years that I am practising on  this amazing erudition.  I started with the basic but the quest to know more made me go circles in Haridwar, Varanasi, Chennai, etc. As one gets hooked on a video game and strives for yet another level, astrology captivated me to secure two doctorates in different fields of it.

What are the main focuses of astrology? What are the varieties and aspects of Indian astrology?

Indian Vedic Jyotish is a bit different from western astrology . Western astrology reads the present & future whereas the Indian Jyotish lays its emphasis on reading the past lives. The positioning of planets in one’s horoscope is not random but a direct result of past life karmas. Reading the past life of its negativities ,to oversee those are not repeated in this life  thereby improving the karmas in this life is the focus of Indian Vedic astrology. Parashari technique,  the mother of Vedic astrology with  many other modes like the Bhrigu, Ravana,  Krishnamurthy and  the South Indian Nadis operated at tandem makes the Indian astrology a comprehensive & flawless tool of accurate prediction & guidance.

Could you please tell us a bit about the relevance of astrology in this modern scientific era?

As I told you earlier, I, myself, am a post graduate in Morden sciences who believe in things not before it has some base. Most of the Vedic astrology is analytical, based on firm mathematical grounds. The influence of planets on us human beings is still beyond the reach of presently known science, but what cannot be quantified by it right now, may perhaps will in the future. But what known is the Newtonian gravitational pull, a planet if chucked out from its orbit will result in a collapse of entire solar system.

Till the  time you are doing great, you may not find the need of visiting an astrologer or even visiting a temple for that matter , but the time when stress crop in, the stakes rise and the fear of losing start hounding. One may need someone who could offer a consoling touch after  giving a futuristic reading. You must have heard a saying millionaire do not need an astrologer but billionaires do.   And quite rightly those souls who desire of a meteoric rise will find the need of one.

What is your client base like, and what do you have to offer them? Particularly in this time when everyone looks for value for money what do you offer your clients?

It is practically from all walks of life with all types of problems. A small but timely consultation can  prevent large money and time going waste,  fends off a wrong business partner, blocks enemies, check marriage harmony, arrests ill investments, averts wrong matrimony match and intercepts all the negativity is much more than what you call value for money.

Is it possible to predict the future, particularly when it is generally known everything is predestined? Why is Karma important in astrology? How come you are known as a Karma Corrector in the field of Jyotish?

A human is born with two types of karma, one is Dridh karma( fixed karma) and the other is Adridh Karma (fluid karma). Whereas one has to reap the effects of the Dridh Karma ( span of life, diseases, etc) the manipulation with Adridh karma can be done. Jyotish lays its emphasis on this Adridh karma which preaches the native to be a karma yogi (the one who believes in efforts). A point worth a mention here is that the Karmas of this life form the basis of Dridh karma of the next life.

Rightly manipulating the Adridh karma, called karma correction, brings prosperity with peace.  I explain this with an example.  Jupiter is a planet of expansion, through wealth, kids and education one expands externally, and through belief and faith, one expands internally. An uncontrolled Jupiter can lack in hope, can have unrealistic desires, and unwise optimism. This Jupiter though uncontrolled will think of expansion & the native will err in the modus operandi. The karma correction is to help the native negate this lower operating Jupiter and replace it with the higher operative Jupiter.

I gauge the strength of planets and suggest the karma correction be done (not rituals mind you), and this helps the native to let all his planets operate to give optimal positive results.

What impact does Jyotish have in changing the fortunes of business enterprises?

Assessing  the horoscope for employer & employee yoga is the most important revelation which alters the path of the native. Then comes the advice on type ,nature & right timings of business,  optimally managing or borrowing funds, handling debts, etc. All these intricacies lies embed in different divisional charts of the native. It is always beneficial to get these divisional charts evaluated then basing the decisions purely on emotions, precedents or peer pressures.

What is the relevance of Jyotish in marital alliances?

Gone are the days when the females had to adjust with their in-laws in all circumstances. The modern women are self-dependent may be better earners than male at times. The Jyotish insight to judge the compatibility based on  interrelationship of spouse  with their respective in-laws, the longevity of the married life, the longevity of the individuals, progeny issues, the earning capability, , extramarital fling,  mutual respect, love and care between them can all be pre-calculated and most importantly a path to counter the problems can be worked out based on the charts.

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