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Niira Radia Tapes

#135 Barkha Dutt & Manoj Modi: Jul 09, 2009 16:14:11

'It was very helpful, Manoj'

#135 Barkha Dutt & Manoj Modi: Jul 09, 2009 16:14:11

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Barkha Dutt:  Hi Niira

Niira Radia : Barkha, ek second huh, Manoj wants to have a word

Barkha Dutt:  Ya ya ya

Manoj Modi:  Barkha sorry I didn't say Hi to you while I was going. Parimal was remembering you yesterday night

Barkha Dutt:  Oh, he once saved my life once on a plane. You please say hello to him from me. And very nice to meet you Manoj. Kabhi appke paas fursat hoga then we should meet aaraam se without the crowd

Manoj Modi:  Ya ya we’ll meet but Parimal is my cousin brother. I have brought Parimal to Reliance

Barkha Dutt:  Really, I didn’t know that. Ooh. You please give him my regards. Tell him I was remembering him. Aur aap kabhi Delhi aaye tho fursat mai agar… not that you have any such thing as fursat but if ever you…

Manoj Modi:  Just so that you know, I never come to Delhi only for this purpose I have come

Barkha Dutt:  Nahi, it was very helpful, Manoj. It was really very helpful. But then maybe mai aapke side…

(audio ends abruptly)

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