OT Travel Itinerary: All You Need To Know About The Kolahoi Glacier Trek

From its landform to biodiversity and much more, find out all you need to know about the Kolahoi Glacier Trek before embarking on a memorable trip

Aru is a popular base camp for treks to the Kolahoi Glacier trekking Photo: Shutterstock

The Kolahoi Glacier, also known as the "Hanging Glacier," is a breathtaking trekking destination in the Kashmir Valley. It sits at an altitude of around 15,420 feet and serves as the main source of the Lidder River. The glacier is surrounded by stunning alpine scenery. Trekking to Kolahoi Glacier offers a perfect blend of adventure, natural beauty, and cultural experiences, making it a must-visit for trekkers and nature enthusiasts. We have culled all the necessary details that a trekking enthusiast must be aware of before embarking on this trek, along with a short itinerary. Check out the details and plan your trip accordingly for the most effective visit.