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Keeper Of Nostalgia: Tarun Thakral's Vintage Poster Collection

Experience a rare glimpse into the past with a unique collection featuring 28+1 original commercials from bygone eras

Curator Tarun Thakral posing for a photo at the exhibition Photo: Tarun Thakral

The Amul advertisements always make me nostalgic for the heyday years of the colourful, vibrant, hand-drawn posters. Back in the yesteryears, the finesses of pencils and sketch pens would make people smile as soon as they looked at those quirky reflections. From the glimpses of partition to the iconic Parle Girl, commercials have been central to portraying social aspirations, cultural shifts, and artistic evolution.

With their spirited charm, they were the face of every film back in the late 70s and 80s, enthralling the audience, perhaps at times also deciding the fate of a movie. Now, this vintage craft may be obsolete, with digital pictures dominating the advertisement landscape; attempts are being made to acquaint the younger generation with these picturesque photographs.