Discovering Germany's Intriguing Routes: All You Can Do In Cologne, Stuttgart and Baden-Baden

Cologne, Stuttgart and Baden-Baden - the three cities with Mediterranean mood, beer and thermal baths

A bridge across the river Rhein with the Cologne cathedral in the distance Photo: Depositphotos

Germany. Equals football. Equals Munich. Equals huge mugs of beer. Equals cutting-edge cars. Equals the commercial engine of Continental Europe. That's the Germany we know and love. Beyond that, images of occasional castles flash by. What was that one with the tongue-twister name again? With the pointy turrets on top of a hill Heck, Neuwach..., no, Neuwein..., no, Neuschwanstein. Frankfurt has top-of-the-mind recall, of course, since so many flights from India land there - and the return flight proves that there's a mini-Punjab lurking somewhere in that city.