Tibet House in New Delhi

Founded in 1965 by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Tibet House preserves and disseminates the unique cultural heritage of Tibet

An artist working on a Thangka painting
Tibet House in New Delhi

The Tibetan culture has gained enormous attention globally over the last few years. Sparking an interest in the minds of people across all ages, this small building located at the lush lanes of Lodhi Road in New Delhi is a home for everything that Tibetans hold sacred to their learnings. 

Founded in the year 1965 by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Tibet House is a centre for Tibetan and Buddhist studies, bringing together scholars and common people alike to familiarise them with the culture of one of the oldest lands in the world. A five-story building with a well maintained Museum that stores Tibetan art and artefacts, a library with thousands of volumes of precious manuscripts and books, a Resource Centre, Conference Hall and a bookshop; this place is a world in its own.

Tibet House in Delhi
Tibet House in Delhi

Situating Tibetan Buddhist teachings in the heart of its commitments as a site of cultural and spiritual knowledge, the main aim of Tibet House is to both preserve and spread the virtues of harmony, peace and compassion. With its various programmes directed at achieving the same, this space holds dialogue and informed debates sacred to its being. There are various courses one could enroll in, at nominal prices, to experience the beauty of a spiritual culture that exists in all of mankind. With its immense application on a collaboration between logic and faith, practicality in religiosity and compassion, the teachings of the Buddha come to life with its Nalanda Buddhist Philosophy Masters course as well as its Diploma course (both online and offline) and Tibetan Language Course, which take place on a regular basis. Tibet House also holds meditation sessions to counter stress and rebuild a relationship of the inner self with the outer world. Tibet House offers incentives and resources for research and translation projects and publishes important texts and research results. It hosts lectures with a wide array of topics, organizes conferences, exhibitions, film shows, and festivals. These programmes focus on Indian and Tibetan Buddhist history, religion, philosophy, art, literature and culture, and bear witness to the vital and evolving heritage of the Tibetan people.

Ancient Buddhist Thangka painting
Ancient Buddhist Thangka painting

Intellect and wisdom at Tibet House is cultivated not just through the traditional ways of sitting for lectures, but also through recreational activities which are open to everyone. From music lecture demonstrations and presentations of the ‘Cham’ dance (Tibetan Monastic dance) to exhibitions, putting ‘Thangka paintings’, statues and handicrafts at the centre stage, the cultural heritage of Tibet is laid out for its keen observers and learners.

A clear message which makes this Tibetan treasure trove stand out is the one that is central to the world at large: encouraging dialogue. Dialogue is imperative in this day and age, to erase misconceptions and conflicts, to bring about peace and tolerance. A safe space for open dialogue and recognition of concerns; Tibet House is led by a community of scholars, potential practitioners and humanitarians (across religions and ethnicities) who wish to seek knowledge, interdependence and an elimination of ignorance.

 Visit Tibet House at: 1, Institutional Area, Lodhi Road, New Delhi, Delhi 110003

Office Timings: Monday – Friday

                                   09:30 am – 05:30 pm

Lunch Time:       01:00 pm – 02:00 pm

Note:  Office remain closed on Saturdays, Sundays and other official holidays