Get ready for India’s most spectacular festival, the Pushkar Camel Fair. To be held this year from November 8 to 14, this famous annual event takes place in the holy town of Pushkar in Rajathan. The fair will take place on the banks of Pushkar lake, where thousands of visitors gather each year for an auspicious dip. On the outskirts of the medieval desert town a makeshift tent city crops up, to sell horses and camels, along with local crafts, food and even livestock. The final day of the festival coincides with the holy full-moon night of Kartik Purnima. Amidst thousands of livestock, people and colourful tents, there’s much to see and do during this festival. The atmosphere is carnivalesque, with magician’s tents, ferri wheels and a host of other entertainments on offer. You could also just wander the mazy alleys of the city, or duck into one of the many chic cafes and restaurants and people-watch. The the camel trade is a vibrant and colourful affair, but that’s not the only attraction. Camel races, evening performances by Rajasthani folk musicians, and the many stalls selling traditional Rajasthani knick-knacks are huge crowd pullers. You could also float up in hot air balloons at dawn to get a bird’s eye view, or climb to the Savitri Temple atop a high spur of the Aravallis.

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