Best Budget Hotels In Italy: An Insider's Guide For Budget Hotels

Journey through time with us as we travel across the ancient cities of Rome, Venice, Florence and Milan while staying in the best budget accommodations in the country

Hotel Rimini near the famous Colosseum Roma Photo: Hotel Rimini/Official website

Choosing the right place to stay in a new city can literally make or break your holiday. If you are headed to Italy, or plan to anytime soon, and are wondering where to be put up so that you can experience the best of comfort and all that the country has to offer, we've got an insider's guide for you. Ankita Jain, an architect from Delhi now knows Italy like the back of her hand, for she didn't just visit the country for a romantic honeymoon, but also studied there. Here's Jain's list of the top stays in Italy that are not just conveniently located but also don't burn a hole in your pocket: