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8 Women Travellers Reveal The Best Destinations For Your First Solo Trip

Trying to find the best solo trips for women? Hear from pro solo female travellers about the best destinations for your first solo trip and what makes them worth taking the plunge

Norway is an ideal destination for solo travellers Photo by Eric Dekker

The number of people opting to travel solo has skyrocketed in the last few years. Driven by a desire for self discovery, and facilitated by the presence of companies and agencies specialising in making itineraries as well as the emergence of affordable hostels and lodges for travellers, travelling solo can be as easy as clicking a button. 

Despite the ease of access, many people—especially women—hesitate to take the plunge and book their first flight out alone. Safety concerns about travelling to a new country or a destination you have never been to before hinder the desire to live like Kangana Ranaut’s character,"Rani," in Queen.

But if you are all ready to give this adventure a shot, and the only thing holding you back is deciding on a spot, we've got your back. We reached out to several female travellers to find places that, according to them, make for a safe destination for solo female travellers. In addition, they also share a few helpful tips and recommendations to make your first solo journey a fantastic one. Here are the best solo trips for women: