Sunday, Dec 04, 2022

South Asians

Alturaash Art, founded by Asif Kamal, a Dubai-based businessman.

Asif Kamal's Alturaash Art Enters Web3 World, Read To Know More

Alturaash Art, founded by Asif Kamal, a Dubai-based businessman plays a key role in bringing the works of South Asian artists into the limelight.

25 March 2022

Diversity In Cricket: Usman Khawaja Working With CA To Ensure More South Asians In Australian Cricket

When he made his international debut in an Ashes Test in 2011, Usman Khawaja became the first Muslim and the first player of Pakistani descent to represent Australia

A Great Takeaway: PM Modi Hails South Asian Regional Solidarity During Covid

Modi also proposed that a regional platform be created for collating, compiling, and studying the effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccines among the region's populations.

Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa

Sri Lanka's Tamil Lawmakers Appeal To Modi When Gotabaya Most Vulnerable

India will have to balance its support for Tamils with its overall Security Concerns to ensure it does not push Colombo back into China’s waiting arms.

20 January 2022

Watch: 65-Year-Old Asian Woman Punched, Kicked In Stomach On Way To Church In New York

A lone assailant was seen on surveillance video late Monday morning, he shouted anti-Asian slurs and told the elderly woman, 'you don’t belong here.'

Far From Your Bae? Watch These Movies Together On V-Day

Here's some love stories from across the globe to watch with your significant other, even if you are far apart

14 February 2021

This Instagram Page Is Documenting South Asian History By Featuring The ‘Vanquished’

Brown History is a project initiated by Montreal-based electrical engineer, Ahsun Zafar. The Instagram page addresses a wide range of issues including colonialism, partition and racism.

01 August 2021


Escalation In India-China Tension Would Further Trigger Regional Instability: Russia

"Very important' for both the countries to engage more in 'constructive dialogue'.

12 November 2020