Monday, Sep 25, 2023

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Wholesale Inflation Stays In Negative For Furth Month At (-) 1.36% In July

Inflation in food articles skyrocketed 14.25 per cent in July against 1.32 per cent in June

14 August 2023


WPI Inflation Eases To (-) 4.12% In Jun

Inflation in food articles declined to (-) 1.24 per cent in June against (-) 1.59 per cent in May, the Commerce and Industry Ministry said in a release on Friday

14 July 2023

No, You're Not Going Crazy - Package Sizes Are Shrinking

In India, a bar of Vim dish soap has shrunk from 155 grams to 135 grams.

08 June 2022

PM Modi in Egypt

Egypt Raises Interest Rates As It Battles Spiralling Inflation And Households Struggle To Keep Up

Egyptians, particularly working class households, are struggling to keep up with rising prices, which have soared since Russia invaded Ukraine last year. The annual inflation rate reached 36.8 per cent in June, up from 33.7...

04 August 2023

Inflation Hedg

What Is An Inflation Hedge?

Are you looking for an inflation hedge to protect yourself from high prices? Learn what it is and what options are available for investors.

26 May 2023

Why Shouldn't You Ignore Commodities In Your Investment Portfolio?

Why Shouldn't You Ignore Commodities In Your Investment Portfolio?

Commodities may be an essential tool for investors to broaden their investment portfolios beyond standard assets. Due to the obvious underlying worldwide need, commodity trading can assist you in maximising profits.

10 May 2022

Sri Lanka-India

Sri Lanka Records Single-Digit Inflation For The First Time Since Economic Crisis: Official Data

In a statement, the Census and Statistics Office of the Sri Lankan government said that the overall rate of inflation as measured by the Colombo Consumer Price Index on a year-on-year basis is 6.3 per cent in July 2023 and...

01 August 2023



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