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Paul Whelan, a former U.S. Marine, who was arrested in Moscow at the end of last year, right, looks through a cage's glass as his lawyers talk to each other in a court room in Moscow, Russia. The lawyer for Paul Whelan who is being held in Moscow on suspicion of spying, said that classified Russian materials were found on him when he was arrested.

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Suspected ISI agent Nishant Agrawal (face covered with scarf) who was arrested by Uttar Pradesh ATS recently on charges of being an ISI agent, at his residence in Nagpur.

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ISRO scientist S Nambi Narayanan’s advocate C Unnikrishnan gestures thumbs up after the Supreme Court's verdict on the ISRO spy case, in New Delhi.

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Yulia Skripal poses for the media during an interview in n London. Yulia Skripal says recovery has been slow and painful, in first interview since nerve agent poisoning.

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Yulia Skripal during an interview in London. Yulia Skripal says recovery has been slow and painful, in first interview since nerve agent poisoning.

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Britain's Home Secretary Amber Rudd arrives in Downing Street to attend a cabinet meeting, in London. Britain's leaders are trying to build international support as they respond to the poisoning of an ex-spy and wait for the Russian government's response to its claim that Russia was involved.


Personnel in hazmat suits walk away after securing the covering on a bench in the Maltings shopping centre in Salisbury, England where former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were found critically ill by exposure to a nerve agent on Sunday.


Chamel Singh’s widow Kamlesh Devi

The Kot Lakhpat jail where Sarabjit was attacked

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Operating a fast food counter at the Jammu bus stand, he claims to be president of an association of former spies who worked for Indian agencies. He has written a book on the time he spent in Pakistani prisons and is looking for a publisher. “We are but pawns,” he says.

He claims to have illegally crossed over to Pakistan 120 times on behalf of intel agencies. Says he has spent 15 years in Pakistani prisons, and complains that relatives and police are conniving to grab his house by framing him in false cases and describing him as a Pakistani.

Claims to have acted as a guide to several younger boys who sneaked into Pakistan. In a Pakistani prison he was shown containers with the ashes of Ind­ian spies who died there. He now suffers a deep sense of betrayal and says he feels like slitting his veins with a razor.

She received a letter from her husband Om Prakash in 2005 from a jail in Rawalpindi. Another letter and some photos arrived in 2012 from PoK. She has no idea how he might have spent time in PoK. Taunts from relatives and neighbours have made life hell, she says.

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Marina Litvinenko, widow of former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko, reads a statement outside the Royal Courts of Justice in London. British judge Robert Owen is set to release the findings of a lengthy public inquiry into the 2006 poisoning death of former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko. One day in 2006, Litvinenko a former KGB agent who claimed to know dark Kremlin secrets had tea with two Russian men at the hotel. Three weeks later, he died of radioactive poisoning — after making a deathbed claim that Russian President Vladimir Putin had ordered his killing.

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Pakistan summoned India's High Commissioner to Foreign Office and lodged strong protest over "air space violation" by an alleged Indian "spy" drone near the Line of Control and "ceasefire violation".

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Accused Pakistani spy Sumar Khan and Foreign Division employee Surender Kumar from Delhi being produced in a court in Jaipur.

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Karma Wangchu, Constable with the State Intelligence Bureau during the war

Kunjo Tashi, Sub-inspector with the State Intelligence Bureau during the war

Tenzin Norbu, Constable with the State Intelligence Bureau during the war

Pakistani lawyers offer sweets to Surjeet Singh at Pakistan-Indian border post Wagha near Lahore, Pakistan . Singh, who was charged on spying, was released after 31 years.

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Harbans Kaur (sitting at 2nd L), wife of the Surjit Singh, with her children and grand children expressing her happiness over the news of her husband's release by the Pakistan authorities, at their village in the Firozpur district. Singh is lodged in Kot Lakhpatrai Jail for the last 31 years on spying charges.

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In this May 2007 photo Syed Ghulam Nabi Fai, executive director of the Kashmiri American Council addresses a news conference in Muzaffarabad, capital of Pakistan-administered Kashmir. Pakistan has protested the arrest of a Kashmiri-born man in the United States on charges he was working for Pakistan's spy agency to lobby in Washington for the cause of Kashmiri independence.

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TV grab: Kashmiri separatist leader Ghulam Nabi Fai. FBI has arrested Fai on the charges of being an ISI agent who lobbied for the Pakistani spy agency and army on the issue of Kashmir.

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Virginia-based posh residence of Kashmiri separatist leader Ghulam Nabi Fai. FBI has arrested Fai on charges of being an ISI agent who lobbied for the Pakistani spy agency and army on the issue of Kashmir.

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Karmapa Trinely Dorje arrives to address his followers at Gyuto monastery in Sidhbari, Dharamshala. This was the first speech of Karmapa at the monastery after seizure of foreign currency.

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Tibetan Buddhism's third most important leader, Ugyen Thinley Dorje, the 17th Karmapa, second right, watches as a devotee prepares to offer him a ceremonial scarf at the Gyuto monastery during a public audience in Dharmsala. China denied that Karmapa, the head of the Tibetan Karma Kagyu sect, was its spy, and claimed that allegations against the country in this regard showed India's "mistrustful attitude" towards Beijing.

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Suspicious lensmen Chinese nationals arrested by the UP police in January

Anna Chapman, who was deported from US on charges of espionage, on stage with the leaders of Young Guards, a pro-Kremlin youth movement she joined, in Moscow, Russia. Former spy Anna Chapman has publicly reaffirmed her allegiance to Russia and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin by joining the youth wing of his United Russia party. Chapman was exposed in the United States along with nine other so-called sleeper agents in an FBI sting operation and deported back to Russia this summer.

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Madhuri Gupta Female Indian spy in Islamabad, leaking secrets to a Pakistani male friend, how much sexier could it get? The reality was a middle-aged woman with a bitter back-story, apparently, of alleged discrimination by supercilious male bosses.

Ravi Inder Singh, Director, Internal Security at the Home Ministry, who was arrested on November 22 for allegedly leaking sensitive information out of the ministry, being produced in the Tis Hazari Court in New Delhi.

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Ravi Inder Singh, an IAS officer working with the Home Ministry, who was arrested by the Special Cell of Delhi Police, for allegedly leaking sensitive information out of the ministry.

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This combo of ten undated booking photos provided by U.S. Marshals shows from top left, Cynthia Murphy, whose real name is Lydia Guryev, Patricia Mills whose real name is Natalia Pereverzeva, Anna Chapman, Tracey Lee Ann Foley whose real name is Elena Vavilova, Vicky Pelaez, and bottom, from left, Richard Murphy, born Vladimir Guryev, Michael Zottoli whose real name is Mikhail Kutsik, Mikhail Semenko, Donald Howard Heathfield whose real name is Andrey Bezrukov and Juan Lazaro whose real name is Mikhail Vasenkov. The FBI arrested the ten on June 27 charging them with acting as unregistered foreign agents for Russia. All pleaded guilty to conspiring to act as an unregistered agent of a foreign country.

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America and Russia have their biggest SPY SWAP since the Cold War. At a Vienna airport, 10 Russian spies held recently were exchanged for four ‘dissidents’ in Moscow jails.

Unidentified people stand under the tail section of the Russian plane, believed to be carrying candidates for a 14-person spy swap, parked on the tarmac at Vienna's Schwechat airport, Austria.

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Anna Chapman

Russian arrested in Manhattan for allegedly passing on American policy secrets to the Kremlin.

This Anna walks Kournikova and talks Mata Hari. The ‘Lady in Red’, as she was called, was apparently using her laptop not just to manage her online real estate business. Her arsenal included invisible ink, shortwave radios, knowledge of steganography and fluency in Russian, English, German and French.

Now that the (iron?) curtain has been lifted off the suspected spy ring, the US is all shaken and stirred. Could this be the Cold War reloaded? But with a femme fatale like Anna on the Bloc, maybe we could reconsider the ‘cold’ bit....

Shadowing a cheating fiancé or dubious boyfriend, Chennai-based A.M. Malathi plays moral police for her women clients, many of whom are now like extended family

R.A. Chandroo

Delhi detective Rahul Rai Gupta had an agent pose as a gay man—to confirm suspicions about a prospective groom’s sexual habits

Tribhuvan Tiwari

As salesgirl, tutor or household help, Bhavna Paliwal-in-disguise squeezes out all those intimate details that will perhaps seal the fate of a spouse-to-be. Roughly three in ten cases yield a dodgy candidate.

Jitender Gupta

Diplomat Madhuri Gupta, accused of passing information to Pakistani intelligence agencies, after being produced in a court in New Delhi. The court extended her judicial custody by 14 days.

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Madhuri Gupta, IFS officer, at Tis Hazari Court, Delhi. A Delhi Court turned down the plea of investigators for further custodial interrogation of diplomat Madhuri Gupta, accused of passing classified information to Pakistani intelligence agencies, and sent her to 14 days judicial custody. Gupta(53), who is under police custody since April 23, claimed she was innocent and was being framed in the case.

Sanjay Rawat

Diplomat Madhuri Gupta, accused of passing classified information to Pakistani intelligence agencies, being produced in a court in New Delhi. The court sent her to 14 days judicial custody.

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Madhuri’s house in Vikas Puri, Delhi

Tribhuvan Tiwari

At ease Madhuri Gupta (left) at an ICWA get-together

In this file photo IFS officer Madhuri Gupta is seen at an event in Islamabad on Feb 14, 2009. Gupta, a Second Secretary-level diplomat working in the Indian High Commission in Islamabad, has been arrested in New Delhi for allegedly passing on information to Pakistani intelligence agencies.

PTI Photo by Rezaul Hasan Laskar

Madhuri Gupta, 53, an Indian diplomat who worked as second secretary in the Indian high commission in Islamabad is seen. Home ministry is investigating the female diplomat in the Indian embassy in Islamabad who was arrested on charges of spying for Pakistan.

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