Delhi LG Inaugurates Four Artificial Waterfalls With An Aim To Promote Eco-Tourism

These waterfalls are expected to attract domestic visitors, tourists, schools students, environmentalists and wildlife enthusiasts amongst others.

Waterfalls at Asola Bhati mines, Delhi

Delhi Lt Governor V K Saxena on Thursday inaugurated four artificial waterfalls at the Asola Bhati Mines here, a move aimed at promoting eco-tourism and facilitating growth of flora and fauna in the area, an official statement said. 

Located at Neeli Jheela inside the Asola Bhati Mines, the four sites for the waterfalls were carefully selected on the basis of their geological and morphological features, it said.

PM Modi’s vision 

Speaking on the occasion, Saxena said the initiative emanated from Prime Minister Narendra Modi's vision of rejuvenating the city and providing enhanced as well as augmented facilities to residents.

These waterfalls are expected to attract domestic visitors, tourists, schools students, environmentalists and wildlife enthusiasts amongst others, the statement issued by Raj Niwas said.

About Asola Bhati waterfalls

The waterfalls have been created by pumping up water from the Neeli Jheel to around 100-ft high rocky ledges from where the water plunges back into the water body, the Raj Niwas statement said. The sites have no sediments and are hard rocky patches that have surfaced after erosion of sediments over the last three decades since mining activities were banned at the Bhati Mines, it added. 

The water from the lake is being pumped upwards using a 15 HP pump that is being operated using a noiseless generator using solar power, it said.  

The waterfall simulated at four different ledges/cliffs not only provides an eco-tourism hub with beautiful scenic views but also support greater saturation of dissolved oxygen and facilitate growth of flora and fauna in the stagnant water body, the statement said. 

The surroundings of the waterfall complex have been provided with safe viewing points for visitors. An existing structure belonging to the forest department that provides a bird's eye view of the Neeli Jheel has also been refurbished, it said.

No plastic zone

The LG directed officials to make arrangements for a cafeteria and public toilets using eco-friendly materials to avoid any harm to the environment, the statement said.     He instructed officials to strictly ensure that no plastic is allowed inside the forest areae-vehicles/electric feeder buses for visitors are deployed.

(With inputs from PTI)

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