Arunachal Pradesh: State Assembly Passes Airport Area Planning And Development Authority Bill And Court Fees Bill

The Arunachal Pradesh Airport Area Planning and Development Authority Bill was passed in the Assembly without any debate while the Court Fees Bill was passed with minor amendments.

Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Pema Khandu. (File photo)

The Arunachal Pradesh Assembly on Tuesday passed two important government bills by voice votes.
The Arunachal Pradesh Airport Area Planning and Development Authority Bill, which was tabled in the house by Town Planning Minister Kamlung Mosang on Monday was passed by the assembly without any debate.

Making a statement on the bill, Mosang said that with the recent construction of Donyi Polo Airport at Hollongi, near here and airports at Pasighat, Tezu and Daporijo, tourists from within India and overseas are expected to arrive in the state. The development of airports along with the adjoining areas as per international standard is of utmost importance. 

"For the orderly planning and development of the areas near airports, it is required to be regulated by a dedicated team of manpower. The bill is aimed at regulating the growth and development of areas around airports," the minister added.

The House also passed the Arunachal Pradesh Court Fees Bill with minor amendments.

Chief Minister Pema Khandu, who also holds the law, legislative and justice portfolio, tabled the bill in the House on Monday.

The Court Fee Act, 1870, which is a pre-independence and pre-Constitution law extended to Arunachal Pradesh by virtue of its extension clause is followed by all courts in the state as per Assam Court Fees (Amendment) Act, 1972 as the state does not have a high court of its own.

The Union Law and Justice ministry on March 6 this year directed all the states to enact their own state acts on court fees as the Court Fees Act, 1870 is being proposed to be repealed by the central government.

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