Film Director Sourabh Lakshkar Joins As Head Of Media Distribution For AI Based Healthtech Startup Yuvaap

Renowned Film Director Sourabh Lakshkar Joins Yuvaap as Head of Media Distribution

Yuvaap welcomes Film Director Sourabh Lakshkar as Media Head

Yuvaap, a leading AI based healthtech startup proudly announces the appointment of Sourabh Lakshkar, a distinguished film director, as its Head of Media Distribution. With over a decade of experience in the Indian film industry and a diverse portfolio of various acclaimed projects, Lakshkar brings a wealth of expertise and creativity to Yuvaap's media distribution endeavors.

Hailing originally from Udaipur, Rajasthan, Sourabh Lakshkar has made a significant contribution to the Mumbai film industry. He has a diverse portfolio of working with well-known platforms like Netflix, Disney, Dice Media, Venus, Pocket Aces, and more. Sourabh has also directed the popular movie "An Indian Girl," which is streaming on the renowned OTT platform Hotstar and has garnered praise for its compelling storyline. His extensive portfolio includes over 50 advertisements, 7 short films, 10 government documentary projects, 2 music videos, and 10 corporate films, many of which have earned recognition at national and international film festivals.

In addition to his accomplishments in filmmaking, he is the author of the published novel "26/11: A Love Story," which delves into the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks, showcasing his command as a writer. Throughout his career, Sourabh has consistently strived to create impactful cinema that blends entertainment with important social messages. This highlights his commitment to using the media for positive change.

Sourabh Lakshkar expressed his excitement about joining Yuvaap, stating, "I am excited to be a part of Yuvaap's incredible team. Their mission to promote holistic wellness through creative media is inspiring and intriguing. I am thrilled to work with the talented team at Yuvaap; together, we'll craft compelling content that inspires positive change and resonates with audiences worldwide."

In his new role, Sourabh has already begun taking charge of all media distribution at Yuvaap, including their social media handles and content creation. This highlights Yuvaap's dedication to using creative media approaches to connect with its audience successfully.

Commenting on Sourabh’s appointment, Mrs. Richa Khurana, co-founder of Yuvaap, stated, "We're thrilled to have Sourabh on board. At Yuvaap, we always try to deliver the best to our audience. We are very dedicated to creating content that resonates with our diverse audience while aligning with our vision. With Sourabh's experience and artistic background, we are confident that we will connect with our audience in the best possible way."

Yuvaap understands how social media can influence people in the way they perceive things. Whether it's Gen Z or millennials, everyone perceives content in a unique manner. Therefore, they want to ensure that their content resonates with their audience effectively, rather than delivering similar content to every demographic. Sourabh joining as a media head will be a cornerstone in this direction. Under his guidance, Yuvaap is ready to deliver interesting and engaging content that will captivate the audience's interest and drive a meaningful change in the wellness domain.

As a leading health and wellness digital platform that uses Deep Tech to deliver personalized solutions to the clients, Yuvaap is dedicated to empowering people with the help of latest technologies. Therefore, they have also brought Shrey Sharma on board, who is a product designer and AI specialist. They strive to provide simple yet practical approaches to inspire individuals through their social media channels. They strive to provide simple yet practical approaches to inspire individuals through their social media channels. You can always check out their official YouTube channel for such insightful yet captivating content.