A Journey To Longevity: Mario Sequeira On Health, Wellness, And His New Book

Mario Sequeira, a renowned health advocate and entrepreneur, has recently released what has the potential to be his second-best selling book, "A Road Map to Longevity." Drawing from his personal experiences and extensive research, Sequeira offers practical advice on achieving a long, healthy, and fulfilling life.

"A Road Map to Longevity." is now available for purchase on Amazon and expected to be launched offline soon

Mario Sequeira, a renowned health advocate and entrepreneur, has recently released what has the potential to be his second bestselling book, "A Road Map to Longevity “published by leading Indian publishing house OM Books International. Drawing from his personal experiences and extensive research, Sequeira offers practical advice on achieving a long, healthy, and fulfilling life. In this interview, we explore the challenges he faced, the core messages of his book, and some astonishing truths about health and wellness.

Q: Your latest book, "A Road Map to Longevity," seems inspired by your journey in balancing a healthy lifestyle with a vibrant social life. What challenges did you face, and how did you overcome them?

A: My journey towards a healthy lifestyle was sparked by my father's sudden health decline and my own physical struggles. Weighing over 117 kg, I found it incredibly challenging to lose weight despite my efforts. My initial attempts at swimming and gym workouts were met with limited success and a lot of frustration. It wasn't until I realized that a holistic approach—combining exercise, diet, and a healthy mindset—was necessary that I began to see real progress. It was a long process of trial and error, but perseverance and self-awareness were key.

Q: You describe the human body as the world’s oldest supercomputer. Could you elaborate on this analogy and explain how it shapes your book's approach?

A: The human body is indeed a marvel, akin to a supercomputer. Over the last 60,000 years, our bodies have fundamentally remained unchanged but has adapted remarkably well to environmental changes. We have a stone age body working superbly well in the space age! Think of our bones and joints as a dynamic framework, seamlessly lubricated to reduce friction. Unknown to us our body runs a chemical factory thatconverts food into energy, repairs cells, and regulates temperature, all autonomously. The brain, our central processing unit, coordinates every function. And then just to awe you a bit more your heart pumps out 7500-liter blood a day. In a year 27 00000 liters! And think of your eyes which are the best-known cameras filming and automatically filing away vivid memories to be referred to years later. Understanding this sophistication encourages us to care for our bodies with the same respect and diligence we would a high-tech device. My book emphasizes that by providing our bodies with the right nutrients and care, we can harness this incredible system to enhance our longevity. It isn’t even difficult. 

Q: Your research has led you to debunk several myths about diets and diseases. Could you discuss one or two of these myths and the truths you’ve uncovered

A: One prevalent myth is that it’s normal to die of old age. While we can’t stop the chronological clock, we can prevent our cells from becoming senescent. Another myth is that all calories are equal. The body processes calories from different foods in various ways. For instance, while calories from broccoli are easily digested, those from sugary drinks can lead to fat storage and disrupt satiety signals, promoting overeating. These insights show that the quality of our food is as important as the quantity.

Q: What are the top three takeaways you hope readers will get from "A Road Map to Longevity"?

A: First, fasting can be both challenging and exciting, helping our bodies clean up internal debris and preventing chronic diseases. Second, we have control over our genes. Only a small percentage of our genes are beyond our influence, and understanding epigenetics can help us turn off harmful genes and activate beneficial ones. Lastly, our bodies are self-healing supercomputers. Providing the right nutrients and eliminating toxins allows our bodies to function optimally, akin to recharging a mobile phone.

Q: For someone looking to start making lifestyle changes today, what is one simple step you would recommend from your book?

A: Start small and be consistent. Just like cleaning a house room by room, tackle one aspect of your lifestyle at a time. Begin with a manageable change, such as reducing sugar intake or incorporating a short daily walk. Over time, these small changes will accumulate into significant health improvements.

Q: Are there any other projects or books you are currently working on that you can tell us about?

A: I'm currently coaching entrepreneurs, drawing from my experience of reviving my company after near collapse. Additionally, I’ve started writing a book on this journey, which I believe will provide valuable insights for others facing similar challenges.

Mario Sequeira’s insights and practical advice offer a compelling roadmap to a healthier and longer life. His new book, "A Road Map to Longevity," is a must-read for anyone seeking to enhance their well-being without sacrificing the joys of life. For more information visit: