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National Recognition Soars At IWAA - Indian Women Achievers Awards: Star Studded Evening Leaves A Lasting Impression

The KWAA and IWAA 2023 not only celebrated achievements but highlighted the profound impact of women across diverse fields, fostering empowerment and recognition on a national scale.



IWAA's National Impact KWAA, inaugurated in 2018, stands as a testament to celebrating women's accomplishments in Karnataka. Its success paved the way for IWAA, expanding the impact across the nation. This transition reflects the evolution of recognizing women's triumphs beyond regional borders. The IWAA awards, celebrating women achievers nationwide, have cast a profound impact on India. By showcasing exceptional talents, these awards have shattered stereotypes and inspired countless women to pursue their aspirations. The recognition bestowed upon diverse accomplishments serves as a catalyst for societal change, fostering inclusivity and gender equality. As these stories resonate, they cultivate a shared belief in the potential of every woman. The IWAA awards not only honour past triumphs but also serve as a beacon, lighting the way for future generations. This celebration of achievement magnifies the collective strength of women, instilling hope and determination for a future where every woman's potential is recognized and celebrated.


In a dazzling spectacle of feminine excellence, the 6th iteration of the Karnataka Women Achievers Awards (KWAA) and the inaugural Indian Women Achievers Awards (IWAA) 2023, meticulously curated by the accomplished actor and entrepreneur Spoorthi Vishwas, unfolded at the prestigious Taj Yeshwantpur in Bengaluru on December 23, 2023. Supported by the esteemed C. Krishniah Chetty, this grand ceremony hosted over 4500 nominees spanning 30 categories, with the erudite KWAA/IWAA jury selecting deserving winners through a rigorous three-tier process.

The IWAA 2023 gala captivated attendees with a splendid fusion of dance entertainment, creating an electric atmosphere that heightened the celebration of women achievers. The event was graced by the presence of a renowned celebrity, added glamour and charisma to an already unforgettable evening.


Empowering Achievements Across Diverse Fields

This grand affair aimed to spotlight the accomplishments of women from all walks of life, affording equal importance to both well-known figures and unsung heroines. Dr. C. Vinod Hayagriv, Managing Director of C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers and Title Sponsor for KWAA, expressed pride in the landmark year with 28 KWAA and 25 IWAA awardees selected from an extensive pool of nominees.

An Innovator's and visionary Devotion to Recognition

Spoorthi Vishwas, the visionary behind KWAA and IWAA, announced the launch of IWAA, a national awards platform. Her multifaceted career as an acclaimed actress, mentor, influencer, and CMO of a travel firm resonates in her commitment to recognizing women achievers for over five years. The ceremony celebrated the incredible journey, acknowledging the unwavering support of C. Krishniah Chetty.

Distinguished Jury and Rigorous Selection Process

The esteemed panel, consisting of distinguished figures across various disciplines, engaged in a meticulous three-tier adjudication process. This method, characterized by thorough verifications, profound deliberations, and a unanimous decision-making by all board members, stands as a paragon of impartiality. The commitment to authenticity exemplified by the KWAA and IWAA is a hallmark, ensuring that every facet of the judging process is devoid of biases. This sophisticated approach underscores the dedication to excellence and transparency, elevating the prestige of the awards and affirming their commitment to recognizing truly deserving individuals.

IWAA – Indian Women Achievers Awards 2023 – Award Winners

Professional Excellence - Amrita samant


Women Leadership Award - Shrusshti Sharma

Professional Excellence - Manisha Kumar

Excellence in Medical Field - Indira Nichaldas Hinduja

Excellence in Sports - Dr. Arathi Arun

Excellence in Fashion - Archana Akil Kumar

Women in Entertainment - Brinda Prasad Adusumilli

Excellence in Social Service - Suparna Baksi - Ganguly

Excellence in Social Service - Dr. Shiela Narayan Rao

Lifetime Achievement - Thulasi govind Gouda

Power Woman of India - DR. Seema Rao

Excellence in Education - Jyoti Thyagarajan

Excellence in Film - M Gita Gurappa

Women in Business - Megha Pritesh Asher

Influencer of the Year - Anushka Rathod

Content creator of the year - Niharika Choudhary


Excellence in Education - Prof.(Mrs.) B. Andallu

Literary Award - Bijal Vachharajani

Excellence in Sports - Vahbiz Boman Bharucha

Excellence in Medical Field - Renuka Ramakrishnan

Outstanding Women Leadership Award - Wing Commander Sneha Shekhawat

Women in STEM - Sai Ventaka Lakshmi

Sports Woman of the Year - Savita Punia

Sports Legend of India - PV Sindhu

The list of winners included remarkable women like Trishala Gunasheela Ballal, Bindu Subramaniam, Pavithra Nagaraj, and Sugandha Sukrutaraj in KWAA, while IWAA honored outstanding achievers such as Amrita Samant, Dr. Arathi Arun, and Wing Commander Sneha Shekhawat.

Fashion, Entertainment, and Recognition on the Grand Stage


The red carpet evening featured high-end fashion shows by Bhargavi and Vikyathi School of Fashion & Design, with showstoppers Shubra Aiyappa and Ragini Prajwal. The electrifying dance performances added to the grand celebrations.

Acknowledging Prominent Winners

PV Sindhu, Indian Badminton Player, expressed her gratitude for the honour, emphasizing the privilege of sharing the award with remarkable women from different walks of life. Savitha Punia, Nation Hockey player, humbly received the Award thanking the acclaimed platform for the huge honour. Dr. Seema Rao, India's only Commando Trainer, Tulsi Gowda - Padmashree & Environmentalist, and Brinda Prasad - SIIMA, were among the prominent winners humbly acknowledging the honour. Their words reflected the impact of the acclaimed platform in recognizing women from diverse backgrounds.

Harmony in Empowerment


The combined legacy of KWAA and IWAA is a symphony of empowerment, resonating across society. The awards bear witness to an incredible journey dedicated to empowering women, rewriting the narrative of achievement.

Join the Legacy: Nominate for Next Year

Be a part of this incredible legacy by nominating deserving women for the Indian Women Achievers Awards at www.iwaawards.com and Karnataka Women Achievers Awards at www.kwaawards.com.

The KWAA and IWAA 2023 not only celebrated achievements but highlighted the profound impact of women across diverse fields, fostering empowerment and recognition on a national scale.