Sonam Chhomo
Sonam Chhomo


  • In Dharamshala, An Institute Holds On To Ancient Tibetan Arts

    The Norbulingka Institute, named after the Dalai Lama's summer palace in Lhasa, is a haven for Tibetan culture. As artisans around the world struggle to preserve age-old traditions and techniques in a fast-paced and mechanised world, the institute helps preserve this form of community ancestral knowledge. And as a visitor, you can sign up for one of their workshops and stay in their guesthouse.

    BY Sonam Chhomo 6 January 2023

    At Norbulingka, artists have revived a traditional Tibetan method of relief painting called kyumbur
  • The Most Expensive Cheese In The World

    We love cheese - like, a lot. But we had no idea about the value cheese can fetch in the market till we heard about a 'daring' heist that took place in Fijnaart, a town in North Brabant, in the Netherlands where a Dutch farm witnessed an organised theft of cheese wheels. Their loss - of about $22,000 - was not only in terms of money but also in terms of the months of hard work that goes into producing the cheese wheels.

    BY Sonam Chhomo 5 January 2023

    Inspecting cheese wheels in Italy
  • Why You Should Sign Up For A Sustainable Trek With Himalayan Ecotourism

    This cooperative runs trekking tours in the Great Himalayan National Park which was awarded the UNESCO heritage site in 2014 for its outstanding biodiversity. The best part is that the money earned goes towards conservation of natural resources, nurturing green technologies, community empowerment through self-help groups, and creating local products - thus illustrating how tourism can be sustainable, inclusive, and be part of a circular economy

    BY Sonam Chhomo 2 December 2022

    With Himalayan Ecotourism, you can also volunteer to do something in the community
  • The 8 Most Decadent Chocolates To Try

    From chocolates dusted with gold to those filled with expensive wine, these aren't your regular indulgent bars, but some of the most expensive chocolate confections available in the world. Some are so rare that it takes ages to prepare, and come in limited quantity.

    BY Sonam Chhomo 7 July 2022

    Gold dusted chocolates are a thing