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Sushmita Sen Birthday Special: 6 Riveting Moments Of The Beauty Queen From ‘Aarya’

Sushmita Sen Birthday Special: 6 Riveting Moments Of The Beauty Queen From ‘Aarya’

Celebrate Sushmita Sen’s birthday with ‘Aarya’ and ‘Aarya 2’ to see her character, Aarya Sareen, embark on a journey from a mother to a crime lord.

Sushmita Sen opens up on her show Aarya
Sushmita Sen opens up on her show Aarya Instagram/@sushmitasen47

As Sushmita Sen celebrates her birthday with a track record of noteworthy performances in the film industry, she proves how age lets you become finer. The versatile actress and former Miss Universe has left indelible marks in Indian entertainment that grows deeper with each passing year. Her popular Disney+ Hotstar crime thriller, ‘Aarya’, holds proof of this. ‘Aarya’ and ‘Aarya 2’ saw her remarkable transition from a loving maternal figure to a crime lord who knows how to play it dirty in the underworld as Aarya Sareen.

On the occasion of her birthday, here are 6 iconic moments from the internationally acclaimed series’ Season 1 and Season 2 that have left the audience wanting more of the actress’ incredible acting:

Confronting her parents about Tej’s murder

A cold and shocking confrontation breaks out when Aarya finds out her parents were behind her husband’s murder, a cold and appalling confrontation breaks out. Aarya’s parents justified their actions, saying they were protecting the family, but the scene serves as a life lesson. It shows how the ones who often betrays you is usually the one you rely on the most.

Assuring her children during Tej’s last rites

Tej’s last rites pan out at his favorite lake, where Aarya and her children perform his last rites. This scene is quite symbolic because it shows that even after going through hell and back, and it also shows that single mothers can become their families' backbone under any circumstances. This moment belongs to Aarya and Sushmita Sen’s acting supremacy because she has finally brought justice to her husband’s murderers and is now ready to move forward.

Seeking answers from her imprisoned brother

Aarya is never the one to let trivialities stop her. When she is refused a private meeting with her brother Sangram following Tej’s death, she confidently meets him with the families of other prisoners. Calm and collected despite the unfamiliar landscape, Sushmita Sen perfectly embodies Aarya’s motive of digging up the backstory of Tej’s death in this death.

Panje nikalo sherni ki tarah

Told to Aarya by Sangram in their conversation while going to their opium flower garden. The iconic dialogue urges Aarya to be ready to tap into her raw side. It refers to the analogy of a tigress where. She becomes far more dangerous when she’s threatened and cornered.

Fearless rebuttal to ACP Khan

For most people, walking into a police station to be questioned about committing murder would be a nerve-racking circumstance. However, Aarya Sareen, a true sherni, does not even bat her eyelids when ACP Khan asks her why she murdered her nemesis, Shekhawat. Sushmita Sen powerfully portrays Aarya’s lack of fear and utter confidence when she calmly says, “Kya proof hai apke pas?”

Courtroom testimony that saves Sangram

Learning from her father to protect the family at any cost, Aarya finds herself at crossroads between what’s right and protecting her family. Aarya is compelled to travel back to India to testify in the drug cartel trial involving her family. But in the courtroom, she feels helpless as she struggles to decide between her family and what is right. Sushmita Sen wondrously captures Aarya’s conundrum through her immaculate acting.

Talking to Aru after coming back home

Sushmita Sen became a single mother at 24 when she adopted Reneé and Alisah. In the show, she embraces single parenthood after the death of her husband and mothers her children. This is where her real life mirrors her reel life. With the ups and downs in Sushmita’s relationship front, her dynamics with her daughters would’ve changed. The scene between Aru and Aarya brings out her intense portrayal of a mother and how she never gives up on her children under any circumstances. Sushmita delivered this scene with finesse because she has been living the same all her life.

Here's wishing the former beauty queen a very happy birthday.


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