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Shahid Kapoor Appears On Shehnaaz Gill’s Chat Show, Actress Asks Him If He’s Loyal To Wife Mira Rajput 

Shahid Kapoor appeared on Shehnaaz Gill's talk show as part of promotions for his new Prime Video series, ‘Farzi’. 

Shahid Kapoor on Shehnaaz Gill's chat show

Shahid Kapoor is on a promotional spree for his show 'Farzi’, which debuted on Prime Video on Thursday evening. As part of it, the actor made an appearance on Shehnaaz’s talk show ‘Desi Vibes’. 

During the show, Shehnaaz told the actor how he broke every woman’s heart when he tied the knot with Mira Rajput in 2015. To which Shahid hilariously said, “Sorry bola maine dil se, kissi ka dil todne ke liye sorry bolna chahiye (I apologised for breaking people’s hearts). I’m really sorry, but I can’t go back now. It’s too late.”

Shehnaaz also asked Shahid if he’s loyal to his wife. She asked, “It’s too late, you’re loyal na?” And he quipped, “Na mein matlab sawal tha (You’re doubting me)? You’re not sure about it? Ladkiyan aise hi poochti hain sawal, kabhi seedha sawal nahi poochti (Women always twist words, they never ask straightforward questions).” 

Hearing Shahid’s replies, Shehnaaz was convinced that he was channelling his character from the film ‘Kabir Singh’.

Later in the conversation, Shehnaaz asked Shahid if he knew the meaning of ‘farzi’, and he said, “Main pura fake hoon, mere andar koi real cheez hai hi nahi (I’m completely fake, I don’t have a single honest bone in my body).” Shehnaaz added that it means doesn’t need Mira’s permission to do what he wants. “Aap udhar bhi jhooth bolte honge na (You must be lying to her as well)?” To which Shahid said that she was getting him in trouble.

‘Farzi’, created by Raj and DK, marks Shahid’s debut streaming series. 

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