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Rohit Saraf Birthday Special: 4 Times The National Crush Asserted That He’s Truly Gen-Z’s Arbiter Of Style

Rohit Saraf has been called the national crush for a long time now, and he has been compared constantly to Noah Centineo, and today on his birthday let’s have a look at how he is the true style God for Gen-Z.

Rohit Saraf

National crush Rohit Saraf is a fashion icon and there is no denying that. He is called the Noah Centineo of Bollywood. One look at his social media and you realise how keen his sense of style is. The national crush has definitely been crushing it when it comes to adapting to new trends.

From layering his pieces to accentuating them with accessories, Rohit Saraf has displayed over and over his fashion prowess. So, on his 26th birthday, we dive into his social media and bought forth 4 iconic looks that the actor absolutely slayed.

Take Me To The Tropics

This photo is of one of the actor’s most recent co-ords. Rohit is a huge fan of co-ords and often shows off his collection. This one in particular is quite vibrant with its blue and salmon accents and the actor has paired it with the iconic white lace-ups

Starry Night

Always the icon for contemporary Indian designs, this Diwali special really took our breath away! The all-black look only made better with the little glimpse of silver and tied all in with the ever-iconic shiny black Louboutin.

Bringing Back The Collar

Known best for his beautiful balancing, the actor’s modernization of this pinstripe brown big lapel retro suit is the prime example. Paired with an open-neck shirt, this is giving us 90s feels

Sweater Weather

An absolute king at layering, the actor looks extra comfy in this sweater vest. Paired with a white crumple shirt, brown parallels and runners, the look is very reminiscent of autumnal. Oh, and the silver ear hoop and ring make this look so much more enticing!

Here's wishing him a very Happy Birthday.

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