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From Haryanvi To Gujarati, 'Meet' Has Kept Ashi Singh On Her Toes

Actress Ashi Singh plays the role of Manjari in the TV show 'Meet' airing on Zee TV.

Ashi Singh

For actress Ashi Singh, her role in the show 'Meet' is posing many challenges to her, especially in terms of learning different dialects. The TV show airs on Zee TV.

Initially, she was seen speaking Haryanvi as Meet Hooda; after a one-year leap, the actress has to adapt to the Gujarati dialect for the role of Manjari, who is a Garba dancer.

Singh said, "'Meet' has been a great challenge for me ever since I signed up for it. First, to get into the character of Meet Hooda, I had to learn and get my Haryanvi accent right. And now I am working hard towards adapting to the correct Gujarati dialect to play the role of Manjari.

"I believe that the show has kept me on my toes and has helped me grow as an actor at every step. Having said that, it has been a little difficult to get the Gujarati accent right! It is not as easy as it sounds, but the whole team of 'Meet' has been incredibly supportive," she added.

Sharing how the entire team is helping her learn the language, she said, "They have been helping me pick up the right pronunciations for difficult words. I must also mention that this whole learning process has been fun for me, and I am giving my best to present the character as authentically as possible."

[With Inputs From IANS]

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