Thursday, Jul 07, 2022

Evelyn Sharma Shares A Pic With Her Newborn; Discusses Things No One Warns About

Ever since actress Evelyn Sharma and husband Tushar Bhindi welcomed their first child in November last year, the actress has been sharing her new experiences as a first-time mother with all her fans and social media followers.

Evelyn Sharma
Evelyn Sharma Instagram@evelyn_sharma

Actress Evelyn Sharma who welcomed her first child, her daughter Ava Bhindi in November last year has been honest and kind to be sharing the problems a woman who becomes a mother for the first time faces. Many women are don't realise the many issues they may have to face daily after the birth of their first child on a daily basis.

Sharma opened up about her breastfeeding struggles as a new mother on Thursday. Sharma posted a new photo on Instagram with the tag 'things no one warns you about'. The actress can be seen breastfeeding her daughter while smiling for the camera in the photo. Evelyn managed to pull off an effortless selfie while on the job. She captioned it as, "When you thought you finally established a routine and then she starts #clusterfeeding!! #smileforthecamera #thingsnoonewarnsyouabout #mummylife." 

Fans jumped to the comments section to show their appreciation for the actress' message. A fan with love commented "Most safe place in the world. how cute baby. both are adorable. i luv your pic. just a perfect you till the end (sic)."

In another post a few days ago, the actress marked two months of her baby's arrival, with a photo captioned as "Your life is going to change completely when your baby arrives” they said… And OMG has our life changed since little Ava arrived two months ago! We never thought we could feel this kind of all consuming, overwhelming love that we feel for our child! She took away our sleep, our personal space, created her own daily routines that we must follow, and even when we’re at the end of our physical and mental strength, her little face lights up and we want to keep going. It’s incredible the love you can feel for someone so demanding! She is everything! My sweet girl… Our little world."