January 17, 2021
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Top 5 Jokes

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Top 5 Jokes
We asked five of India’s better known comic artists to tell us a joke that would bring a smile on your lips. Here is what they ad-libbed.

Shekhar Suman: Once Laloo Prasad Yadav asked his wife, Rabri, to learn reading and writing since she was now the chief minister. Rabri dutifully started learning numbers. When Laloo asked how her studies were going, Rabri said "They were okay. I learned the numbers from 1-10. But now I am stuck at 11 because I do not know which one to put on the right and which one the left."

Cyrus Broacha: I was at the Navy Queen ball recently. It was a very formal evening. Then one of the contestants came and said what her name was and that she "believes in the 3 Fs of life." She went on to list qualities like friendship, fun, etc. But there were several thousand people in the audience and all of them started laughing.

Vir Das: What do women do to prepare for the bedroom?

Wash, condition, shave, scrub, buff, pluck, clip, smooth, moisturize, powder, tone, perfume, primo, stretch, trim, wax, conceal, tweeze, curl, straighten.

What do men do to prepare for the bedroom?

Get naked.

Lola Kutty: How do prisoners communicate with each other?

By cellphone

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