July 14, 2020
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'The Agenda Must Be A Concrete One'

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'The Agenda Must Be A Concrete One'

We did not have much expectation from the Agra Summit. In the All Party Meeting that preceded the Summit, we had said that we should move forward in such a manner that the relations between India and Pakistan would be better in future. 

When the Government invited the President of Pakistan, Gen. Pervez Musharraf for talks for the first time after the Kargil war, we all welcomed that decision because we thought that it is essential to have good relations with Pakistan. We expected that cross-border terrorism would be stopped, cultural relations would be developed further, trade relations would be improved and the threat of nuclear war would be eliminated. But the Agra Summit did not achieve anything of this.

The President of Pakistan has invited you. It is all right. I would like to say one thing very clearly that fix up the dates diplomatically and not in a hasty manner. The agenda must be a concrete one. 

I think, whatever dialogue there might be, it cannot be without taking into consideration the decisions arrived at Shimla and Lahore. I must say that all the Members of this House should be consulted because Kashmir is an integral part of India. That should be the point.


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