February 29, 2020
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'Shri Parvez Musharraf Came As A Tourist'

'Shri Parvez Musharraf Came As A Tourist'

In all-party leaders meeting we all said that cross-border terrorism should be the main agenda, and Line-of-Control should be the border resolution. The Prime Minister said, "Whenever he talked of cross-border terrorism, Musharraf raised the issue of Kashmir".

Shri Musharraf did not come with any agenda. The Prime Minister openly said in the all-party meeting that the talks were futile. I told in that meeting that Shri Parvez Musharraf came as a tourist to India. He did not have the diplomacy to talk to the tallest Prime Minister of a great democratic country.

There was a report of a Group of four Ministers on reforming the national security system. The Standing Committee on Home Affairs is going to deliberate on this report. Cross-border terrorism was the main issue that was to be raised in that Summit meeting. After the Summit and after the departure of Shri Pervez Musharraf the pilgrims to Amarnath were killed.

A week before he was to come to India, General Musharraf proclaimed himself as the President of Pakistan to gain at protocol. He was not accountable to any Parliament. We should not have negotiated with him.

The Indian Press has covered all that General Musharraf said. One of them has said that General Musharraf was better than an elected Government. All his speeches and all his interviews were published by Indian Press and gave international recognition to him. This is not the expected form of freedom of Press.

Kashmir problem is a perennial problem. The Prime Minister should take a tough decision, a hard line decision, to deal with Pakistan. We cannot believe Pervez Musharraf. But, in our democratic system the diplomatic way of approaching another country is by way of dialogue. We cannot end the dialogue. We have to negotiate. We have to talk to Pakistan. We should go on talking to them. They do not have any inclination to solve this problem.

As far as the Prisoners Of War are concerned, the General said that he would personally look into it. But, after reaching Islamabad, Pervez Musharraf said that there were no Prisoners Of War in Pakistan. General Musharraf was our guest. We were his host. But we cannot get that type of hospitality in that country. We are a great people. Our country is great. We have traditions. General Parvez has no traditions. He has held only the military traditions. Whatever he said was negative.

We the Members of Parliament along with the Government, should take a tough stand though not to the extent of declaring a war. We have to interfere in their country to get somebody elected as President democratically. We have to infiltrate. The ISI agents are printing and circulating notes in India. General Musharraf should have been received by our Generals here and not by Shri K.R. Narayanan, the great President of India.

In one of the papers, it was reported that he must be honoured with Nobel Peace Prize. The Military General does not know about non-aggression; he does not know about mutual benefit; he does not know about peaceful co-existence he does not know about Panchsheel. After coming here, he has created another problem.

I would appeal to the Prime Minister to be more cautious in his international approaches. In all international matters, he might convene all-party meetings, not only NDA meetings. I want you to win over General Musharraf. Whatever help and support you want, we will extend and we are all with you.

We are all with the Prime Minister and we are all with the Government of India.
We want the Indian land to be intact. We will not part with even an inch of our land to Pakistan or any other country for that matter. We want the Government of India to curb the cross-border terrorism and to curb the militancy. The Government should protect the people of India and we are with the Government.

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