April 16, 2021
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MEA Briefing

'Need To Continue Consultations'

The official spokesperson on troops to Iraq, restoring cricket ties with Pakistan, confirming Pakistan's participation in the Afro -Asian Games and Sharon and Christina Rocca visits.

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'Need To Continue Consultations'

Navtej Sarna:   External Affair’s Minister Shri Yashwant Sinha this morning inaugurated the 21st meeting of the Health Minister’s of WHO South East Asia Region. We have copies of his inaugural address available to you.

The second issue is a statement regarding the following:

1) The Government of India has cleared the following proposal received from the Board of Control for Cricket in India:

  • A Triangular series of one day matches amongst the ‘Academy’ teams of India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka in Sri Lanka.

  • A quadrangular series of one day matches amongst the ‘under 19’ teams of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh in Pakistan.

  • A Triangular series of one day matches amongst the ‘A’ teams of India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka in India.

2) The Government of India has also approved Pakistan’s participation in the Afro -Asian Games scheduled to be held in Hyderabad in October-November this year. These steps have been taken in continuation of PM’s initiative and as part of promoting people to people contact and cultural exchanges.

As far as the details of tomorrow’s visit are concerned the advisory is out there.

Can you tell us something about the Joint Statement? Will there be one?

As the Secretary told you the other day. I still don’t know whether we have any statement or not. We will know tomorrow.

Is this a next step towards playing One day/Test cricket with Pakistan?

I don’t want to jump into any conclusions, but certainly this is a step in continuation of PM’s initiative. It is in imbued with the spirit of Prime Minister’s initiative and is on three specific levels.

Who is the host?

I have given you the details. There will be different hosts in each case.

Are Foreign Ministers of India and Pakistan meeting in September?

I have no information.

Anything on US draft resolution on Iraq that has been circulated?

Yes that has been circulated and a lot of discussion is going on. All I can share with you from our side is that External Affair’s Minister had telephonic conversations on the Draft resolution and other related issues with his counterparts from Germany, France, and Russia. His counterparts have shared their appreciation of the draft. We have underlined the need to continue consultations with all our interlocutors on this matter and they have expressed a desire to keep in touch on this matter and keep us informed of any developments.

Is there any similarity of views with Germany and France on US draft resolution? Does India have similar view on that?

Germany and France leaders met in Dresden and came out with fairly similar appreciation of the draft. There is an exchange of views and basically now the draft resolution is being circulated and negotiated. The Security Council members are talking amongst themselves and reacting to it. So in that context we had these conversations to keep abreast of what is happening and to be informed of what is happening.

When did these conversations take place?

Conversations took place with the German and the Russian Foreign Ministers on Thursday and with the French Foreign Minister on Friday.

As far as India’s position is concerned. Will we examine the draft in light of July 14th statement by CCS?

July 14th decision is India’s position. All developments that happen will be seen in that context.

At the moment we have no reservation?

I don’t have any brief as to what we feel about the draft. We are just telling you that we had these conversations and they have briefed us on what they are looking at.

Will this be an issue to be discussed with Christina Rocca who will be in India tomorrow?

She will be here for a wider bilateral exchange and you know we are continuing to have these exchanges with the United States. That is not a one-issue relationship.

<inaudible question>

I have not seen that particular statement that you are talking about, but we would hope that all our interactions with Palestine and Israel would only work to bring the region closer to peace.

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