August 13, 2020
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Lok Sabha

'Mr. Prime Minister, You Should Not Be So Humble'

The ex-speaker of Lok Sabha thinks that Musharraf did not return empty-handed for himself.

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'Mr. Prime Minister, You Should Not Be So Humble'

After the summit Gen. Musharraf arrived at Islamabad, he declared "I have returned empty handed". I want to question whether it is a true statement. If he is talking about himself, he is making a wrong statement. If he is talking in terms of the welfare of the people of Pakistan, he is right. He has returned to Pakistan empty handed for the people of Pakistan.

Why did he come here? He came here not to solve the Kashmir problem. He came here not to normalise or improve the relationship between the countries. He came here to get legitimacy of his coup, he came here to get legitimacy of his self-proclamation of Presidentship of Pakistan and he got everything from us. He went back to his country with that recognition, with that legitimacy.

The Prime Minister said that we have to go on with re-engagement. How do we re-engage ourselves with Pakistan? After all Pakistan’s bottomline is that there is no cross-border terrorism. It is a freedom struggle. If that is the bottomline of Pakistan, then how do we proceed?

I asked the Foreign Minister what was the composition of Pakistani delegation and what is our delegation composed of? The Foreign Minister said, ‘Our delegation composed of the Prime Minister, the Home Minister, the Foreign Minister, the Commerce Minister and Industry Minister and the Finance Minister.

From Pakistan side, they had not disclosed as yet on the 9th of July. Is it correct that Pakistan delegation will compose of only General Musharraf and Foreign Minsiter, Abdul Sattar? If the Home Minister of Pakistan is not coming who is going to talk about cross border terrorism? If the Commerce Minister of Pakistan is not a member of the team, who is going to talk about bilateral relations?

This is the first time, in the history of the world diplomacy where a Summit between the two Heads of Governments was held without preparation and without agenda. I put a particular question to our hon. Minister of External Affairs, ‘If these talks fail and such other future summits that we hold without preparation fail, would it not lead to a third party intervention?’ The hon. Minister said that there was no question about it.

But whether it is UNO, ILO, UNIDO, ESCAP or Commonwealth, I have not come across a single occasion when Pakistan has not raised the Kashmir issue in an international forum. If Pakistan is very clear on its bottomline and says that the LOC is the problem but not a solution, we should be very clear about our bottomline too. We resolved in this House on 22nd February, 1994 that "The State of Jammu and Kashmir has been, is and shall be an integral part of India. We must stick to it. This is the bottomline which has been set by the House unanimously.

Mr. Prime Minister, you should not be so humble. You are a Prime Minister of one billion people. Let us not be politically naïve. I liked one statement of the hon. Prime Minister – "I conveyed in clear terms that India has the resolve, strength and stamina to counter terrorism and violence until it is decisively thrust."

That is what the Prime Minister should speak and continue to speak so.

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