February 22, 2020
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'Learn A Lesson From Agra Fiasco'

'Learn A Lesson From Agra Fiasco'

I am here to express my appreciation for this Government especially to the Foreign Minister. I do not have any complaint with them. But it is a matter of fact that the Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister have failed to put their views in an explicit manner.

The war of independence of Kashmir was fought in 1947 and it is because of that war the Kashmir is an integral part of India today. It is true that General Mushrraff might not be aware of that war but the representatives who were leading India had to make General Mushrraff aware of this fact.

The issue of Kashmir or the issue of Hindustan and Pakistan is not that much easy which we generally ought to think. I totally disagree with General Mushrraff’s view points but he hardly said anything here which he did not utter in Pakistan. He had stated in a very clear terms that he does not have any other agenda except Kashmir.

In view of this, I do not know how the Leaders of Oppositions had advised Shri Jaswant Singh and Hon. Vajpayeeji to hold talks on other issues as well? I do not know on what basis our Prime Minister and our Foreign Minister have shown this dream to India? I am repeatedly saying it because of the fact that General Mushrraff had stated this before the entire world.

We are the founder members of SAARC. It was a forum where our Prime Minister and General Mushrraff could have hold talks easily. At that time we were told we couldn’t have discussion with any dictator.

Had we ever dreamt of that we ourselves will overlook the issue of Kashmir which has acceded to this country by their own will? It is not a question of any land for Kashmir, it is a question of fundamental principles and ideologies. Kashmir is the only part of this country on which basis we can claim that India is a secular country.

I do wish that there should be mutual discussion and we should try to reach on settlement through discussion but it should not be done by lowering our dignity.

We have manufactured atom bomb and celebrated. Our able Minister had gone ahead and said that we will do pro active politics and are ready to face war in Kashmir but I feel manufacturing of atom bomb is not a weapon to attack. Have you ever thought of it if you drop this bomb on Lahore what will happen to Amritsar?

Hon. Prime Ministerji when you went Lahore I told you at that time in this House that you are taking risk by going there. Within three months there was a Kargil war. What was this outcome? I fully agree with what Shri Somnathdada has just now stated in regard to foreign policy that it is not a question of one party but the entire nation’s prestige is at stake.

When General Musharraf was meeting with Hurriyat leaders, our leaders of Opposition was waiting in the wings to get an opportunity to meet him. Did we have a sense of India’s unity, pride and respect in our hearts at that juncture?

There is no other way than having a dialogue. I have no objection if Jaswantji or foreign secretary continues the dialogue but before visiting Islamabad, hon. Prime Minister should think time and again lest, he should come across with consequences worse than that of Agra. What should be the point of agreement? Even after his utterances among the editors in Agra, you were hopeful of way out for agreement.

We are trying our best to improve our relations with a neighbour whose intentions are malicious. You invited him very politely but what was his immediate reaction? Within 4-6 days of receiving the invitation, he declared himself President.

But with great sorrow and shame I have to state that today it is only India which recognises him as a President. Neither Chief Justice nor Judiciary of Pakistan recognises him as President. The opposition parties and other countries of the world do not recognise him as President.

For the last two-three years, the Government have been inviting the leaders of Hurriyat or Hizbul Mujahiddin very often for dialogue without consulting the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir. Was it not our weakness? Inspite of all these weaknesses, does the Government think that the General, who is responsible for Kargil War, would sign an agreement?

I am sure that hon. Prime Minister as well as the Minister of External Affairs will learn a lesson from Agra fiasco and would not repeat the same error.

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