February 18, 2020
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'It Was A Partial Success'

'It Was A Partial Success'

It is most unfortunate and highly disappointing that the Indo-Pak Summit Talks did not lead to any joint declaration or a joint communique. It was a partial success because of the restoration of the process of dialogue.

The correct perception was to expect the Summit to be not result oriented but process-oriented. The process has commenced. The entire nation wanted the process to commence and by commencing the process, the Government has responded to the sentiments, feelings and desires of not only people in India but, I am sure, also of the people in Pakistan and the worldover.

Let us realise that the destiny of the sub-continent lies in cordial and harmonious Indo-Pak relations. This process of dialogue has to continue and continue in the interest of not only India and Pakistan but in the interest of the destiny of the sub continent and world peace.

However, there are certain disturbing aspects. One of them was the degree of unpreparedness with respect to the summit. Another disturbing aspect was that, our Government unnecessarily entangled with certain non-issues and raised these non-issues, the small irritants I must say, into major issues.

The invitation to the Hurriyat Conference for a cup of tea in the High Tea party given by the Pakistan High Commissioner on the arrival of the Pakistani President ought to have been ignored. Our position with respect to Indo-Pak relations and all issues related to Jammu and Kashmir was solid enough and cannot be upset by a cup of tea which the President may have with anybody in the world.

Another unfortunate issue was the telecast of the breakfast meeting by General Musharraf. Our media management was a total disaster. I must emphasise on the Government that we have to adjust our diplomatic norms according to the style of functioning of Pakistan. I compliment the Government for the confidence building measures unilaterally taken by them. We have shown our concern for the problems of the people and for solving those problems.

In our endeavour to have better and better Indo-Pak relations, let us not forget one important point. I emphasise on the need to work out an acceptable package on the question of autonomy with our alienated people. Our talks with our people in Jammu and Kashmir must continue to find out a solution for peace there.

Let the talks continue, meet on the sidelines of the U.N. security Council, on the sidelines of the SAARC Summit level meeting. The Prime Minister should go to Pakistan and have talks. But let us not have confusion. Let us build up on the positive aspects, success will kiss your feet.

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