August 09, 2020
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India Promises 'Fullest Support And Cooperation'

President Narayanan and Prime Minister Vajpayee hark back to old friendship

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India Promises 'Fullest Support And Cooperation'

Expressing solidarity with Nepal's effort to put behind the ''national tragedy'', India today said it would continue to extend fullest support and cooperation for the Himalayan Kingdom's peaceful progress and development.

In separate messages to new king Gyandendra and Nepalese premier Koirala, president Narayanan and prime minister Vajpayee said India was looking forward to working with Nepal to further strengthen and intensify mutually beneficial cooperation.

Conveying condolences on the painful tragedy that has befallen the royal family, Narayanan said ''I would like to express the solidarity of India, as a close friend of Nepal, in your effort to put behind you this national tragedy and to lead the people of Nepal in their continuing endeavours for stable socio-economic development.''

In his message to Koirala condoling the tragic demise of king Birendra, queen Aishwarya, king Dipendra and other members of the royal family, Vajpayee said ''in this hour of national sorrow, India and its people are with the kingdom of  Nepal and its citizens''.

Vajpayee said "we are confident that the innate courage and resilience of the Nepalese people will enable them to bear this great loss and to continue their journey on the path towards peaceful progress and development."

India, the prime minister said, would continue to extend  its "fullest support and cooperation in this process".

He said king Birendra was held in the "highest regard" and would be remembered by future generations for his impressive contributions to the progress and socio-economic development of Nepal.

Warmly recalling his interaction with king Birendra in January, 1999 when he visited India as the chief guest for republic day celebrations, Vajpayee said "we in India particularly recall his invaluable role in strengthening the close ties of friendship and mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries."

Observing that the new king assumes leadership of the kingdom of Nepal in these "sad circumstances", president Narayanan said "may lord Pashupathinath give you the courage and strength to bear this enormous personal loss and national grief."

Home minister Advani added that  "Government has already conveyed to Nepal that we are willing to assist in any manner". 

Describing the killing of king Birendra and his family members as "a tragedy of an extraordinary kind", he said prime minister Vajpayee was in regular touch with his Nepalese counterpart Koirala on the latest developments.

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