Friday, Oct 07, 2022

Woman On Wheelchair Asked Not To 'Do Drama' & Stand For Security Check At Delhi Airport

This happened after Virali Modi had made clear that due to a spinal injury she suffered back in 2006 she is unable to walk or stand.

Virali Modi ANI/Twitter

Virali Modi, a wheelchair-bound US national was on Monday asked by a security personnel at Delhi's IGI airport to 'stop doing drama and stand for a security check.'

This happened after Modi made clear that due to a spinal injury which she suffered back in 2006, she is unable to walk or stand.

"I surrendered my wheelchair at the check-in counter. Is specifically told them that I cannot walk or stand due to a spinal injury that happened in 2006," she said in a post on twitter.

"When I reached security, one of the  Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) women started forcing me to stand up for security checking, she started making a scene," her post read.

When Modi told the woman personnel that she should do a "manual pat-down" as is the practice followed internationally, the woman went to call her senior to whom she said, "That girl is so melodramatic, she's unnecessarily doing drama. she can obviously stand."

Following this, Modi confronted the women security personnel but she denied having said anything of the like. Later, she said that those comments were meant for someone else.

Modi on twitter wrote, "This is the second time the CISF has been insensitive towards me and my disability."

"Is this how you treat people with disability?" she said.

After this humiliation, Virali Modi wrote a letter to the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) and registered a complaint.  Modi said that though she received an on-call apology from them, she now demands a written one. 

"Training should be given to the CISF on how to handle people with disability. They need to be more empathetic and treat people with sensitivity," she wrote in her letter.

(With inputs from ANI)