Thursday, Oct 06, 2022

PM's Beard Inversely Proportional To The State Of Country's Economy : Mamata Banerjee

'The day is not far off when the entire country will be sold and named after Narendra Modi ... BJP is trying to throttle democracy in the country', Mamata Banerjee said.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee Friday took a jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said his growing beard is inversely proportional to the state of the economy in the country.

While addressing a poll rally in Paschim Medinipur district, Banerjee also accused BJP of being the "biggest fraud party" of the country.

The TMC supremo, who is contesting election from the high profile Nandigram seat in Purba Medinipur district, said she would be remain put there till the end of polling in the constituency on  April 1 as there are chances that BJP has "plans to loot votes by using goons from other states" and cautioned TMC workers in the state against complacency.

"The Indian economy has gone for a toss. There is no industrial growth. There is no growth except for the beard of Narendra Modiji. At times he dresses like Rabindranath Tagore and at time likes Mahatma Gandhi," she said mocking the prime minister.

Keeping up her attack, Banerjee said "The day is not far off when the entire country will be sold and named after Narendra Modi ... BJP is trying to throttle democracy in the country.

"As we (opposition parties) are all busy with assembly elections in five states, the BJP government is passing laws to intrude into the constitutional powers of the elected government in Delhi by giving more powers to the lieutenant governor. This is shameful," she said.

State polls will begin in West Bengal, Assam, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and Kerala from March 27.

Recounting the cancellation of the visa of Bangladeshi actor Firdaus'  visa for campaigning for her party candidates for the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, Banerjee wondered why the same should not be done for Modi for campaigning for former US president Donald Trump.

"If Firdaus' visa can be cancelled for campaigning in a foreign land  then Modiji's visa should also be cancelled for campaigning for Donald Trump in America. Have you forgotten the slogan 'Ab Ki Bar Trump Sarkar'," she said.

The Trump government aiming to woo the influential Indian-American voters in August 2020 had launched a video commerical containing clips of Modi's speches and former US president's historic address in Ahmedabad.

The TMC supremo, who held three poll rallies in Paschim Medinipur district  during the day, claimed that BJP has "roped in goons to threaten people".

"These goons might visit households and ask women with folded hands to vote for them or face the threat of being herded out," she said.

"Don't be overconfident and suffer from complacency. BJP is the biggest fraud and janjal (garbage) party in the country. It can go to any extent to win the elections at any cost. Your duty is not over even after voting is  over. You have to guard the EVMs," Banerjee told TMC  workers said at a rally at Daspur.

She alleged that police personnel from  Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, where the BJP is in power.  "They are being brought to West Bengal to possibly influence elections in favour of the BJP".

"They (police personnel) will act in favour of BJP. If you sense anything amiss, rise in protest. Mothers and sisters take the lead in such protests if you see any illegal conduct," she said.

"Be ready with utensils and broomsticks to chase away such elements if they issue a veiled threat," Banerjee told the women who had gathered at the meeting.

She said people from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar had been arrested from Nandigram area on Thursday night and claimed that "Goons have been brought from other states to rig the polls".

"They (BJP) think they can rig the polls. We will not allow that to happen. I will stay put in Nandigram from March 28 till the elections are over there. I will myself see how they loot votes," she said.

The BJP has hired "borgis from outside to loot votes". Borgis were a category of Maratha empire's troops who indulged in large scale plundering during Maratha expeditions in Bengal in the 18th century.

Alleging that EVM machines could be tampered to help the BJP win the election, Banerjee asked TMC polling agents to check them twice on poll days and guard the machines till May 2, the date of counting.

"If members of the central force ask you to leave, tell them that you respect them, but they should not work for Modiji," she said.

The eight-phase election to the 294-seat West Bengal Assembly begins on March 27.

(With PTI inputs.)