Tuesday, Nov 29, 2022

‘Judge Him By His Work’: Netizens To Those Trolling Health Minister Mandaviya For His English

Mansukh Mandaviya took over the Union Health Ministry from Dr Harsh Vardhan on Thursday

Union health minister Mansukh Mandaviya PTI

BJP leader Mansukh Mandaviya took charge of the Union Health Ministry by replacing Dr Harsh Vardhan on Thursday.

Mandaviya also took over the Chemicals & Fertilizers Ministry post the Union Cabinet expansion that occurred on Wednesday.

Mandaviya was on Wednesday elevated to the Cabinet rank from minister of state (MoS). Prior to this, he was holding the independent charge of the Shipping Ministry and was MoS for the Chemicals and Fertilizers Ministry.

While it’s not even been two days since Mandaviya took over the two ministries, he has been extensively trolled for his tweets, with many netizens making fun of Mandaviya’s grammatically incorrect posts.

One Twitter user shared Mandaviya’s tweet from 2013 in which the minister wrote, “Mahatma Gandhiji is our nation of father.”

Many netizens then trolled Mandaviya for his tweet and compared him to Pakistani cricketer Umar Akmal, who was also heavily trolled for a similar grammatical error.

Mandaviya was also heavily trolled for spelling “Independence Day” wrong.

This was another tweet of the minister that was severely mocked by netizens--

However, while many Twitterati mocked the minister for his English, many others including prominent personalities came to Mandaviya’s defence and asserted that one shouldn’t be judged based on how well they speak and write English.

Author and editor Anand Ranganathan tweeted, “Those mocking HM Mansukh Mandaviya for his broken English, judge him by his work, you mo***s. The SINGLE GREATEST contribution by an Indian politician, living or dead, is the midday meal scheme. Kamaraj launched it. And leave alone broken English, he never even went to school.”

Meanwhile, entrepreneur Tahseen Poonawalla said it was “unfortunate” to see so many people trolling Mandaviya.

“Unfortunate to see so many fellow citizens trolling Mansukh Mandaviya ji for his lack of proficiency in English . Critic him on faults wrt his work & Ministry,” he tweeted.

IPS officer Ankita Sharma was also asserted that Mandaviya should be judged on his work.

“Why do people falsify intellect with English? One can be brilliant even without knowing an alphabet in English, And one can be utter foolish despite knowing whole of the dictionary!” Sharma tweeted.

Apart from his English skills, Mandaviya has also been heavily trolled and criticised for claiming that Ayurveda can treat those diseases which Allopathy cannot.