Friday, Aug 19, 2022

Is FOMO Getting To You This Valentine’s Day? Here Are A Few Movie Recommendations To Help You Feel Better

If you happen to be single and all the V-day excesses are getting to you, we suggest you binge watch these feel-good movies

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Well, love is surely in the air as it's Valentine’s Day. This day is all about love, gifts, affection, social media public display of affection (PDA) and making your partner feel a little more special than usual.

While all the aesthetic cafes, Archies, and florists are raking it in and there's fast and furious swiping of Instagram stories, you can't be left moping your single status. If you have a date, we say, good for you. But if you are single and all these V-Day excesses are getting to you, then we suggest you cut off all the noise, plonk yourself in front of the TV, get the popcorn and peanuts ready, and go bingeing on Bollywood classics. We promise that you will not be bothered by this overdose of roses and hearts and teddy bears once Bollywood takes over!

So, here's what your movie marathon is going to look like. Dim the lights, get comfy, and let the movies begin:

1. English Vinglish
This movie is the OG of how you can learn to fall in love with yourself when everything around seems to mar your self-esteem. It’s the tale of a confused Indian lady discovering her inner strength in America with wrong train tickets and messed-up orders at cafes. This movie is exactly what you need on this V-day to make you feel good about your “independence”.

2. Piku
A sometimes pricky, sometimes sweet father-daughter relationship is a worthy replacement for mushy PDA and couples exchanging roses. “Piku” is a heart-warming tale you can enjoy with your dad.

3. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil
“Pyaar mein junoon hai par dosti mein sukoon hai”. It’s time we got over the stereotype that a boy and a girl can never be just friends. Here’s a reminder that not all boy-girl friendships lead to love. Or maybe this movie will help you laugh at yourself and remind you of the one time you had a one-sided love affair and hit a dead end.

4. Dil Chahta Hai
It's your chance to become the norm breaker and cherish those friends this V-Day who have always had your back no matter what. This movie is going to make you rejoice the best moments you had with your friends and may even convince you once again to plan another Goa trip.

5. Dear Zindagi
Out-of-the-world cheesy romance or action-packed thrillers, this movie is set to make your millennial self, relate to all the ups and downs Alia Bhatt goes through. And who would anyway miss a chance of seeing Shah Rukh Khan being the effortless king he always is.