Friday, May 20, 2022

India Turned Fight Against Covid Into A People's Movement: PM Modi At Davos Summit

'Some talked of 70-80 crore infections, over 20 lakh deaths but India did not let disappointment get better of it,' said PM Narendra Modi.

India Turned Fight Against Covid Into A People's Movement: PM Modi At Davos Summit
Prime Minister Narendra Modi. PTI

While addressing the World Economic Forum's virtual Davos Agenda Summit on January 28, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that India transformed the fight against coronavirus into a people’s movement. He also said that India is among the countries which have proven to be most successful in saving lives.

Modi said, "We transformed fight against coronavirus into a people's movement and today India is among the most successful countries in saving lives."

In a special address at the World Economic Forum's online Davos Agenda Summit, Modi also said he wants to assure the global business community that situation will now change rapidly on the economic front also and invited businesses from all over to participate in the country's growth journey.

Modi said that some had said in February-March 2020 that India would be the worst affected country by COVID-19 and would face a "tsunami of corona infections".

"Some had talked about 70-80 crore people expected to get infected in India, while some talked about over 20 lakh possible deaths but India did not let the disappointment get better of it," he said.

"We focussed on developing COVID-specific health infrastructure, we trained our human resources to fight against this pandemic and we made full use of tech for testing and tracking," he said.

Modi said India has started the world's largest coronavirus vaccination programme and its speed can be imagined from the fact that over 23 lakh health workers have been vaccinated in just 12 days.

He said India has ensured that it follows its global responsibility by sending essential medicines to over 150 countries while COVID-19 vaccines are also being sent to other countries.

"While two India-made vaccines have already been introduced to the world, many more vaccines will be made available from India," he said. 

(With PTI inputs.)