February 21, 2020
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'Fight Out Jehadis And Finish Them'

'Fight Out Jehadis And Finish Them'

Agra summit was a very important Summit in which Indian as well as Pakistani people were interested. Rather, the whole world was interested. In India all the Opposition Parties fully supported the Government to go for talks because we believe that ultimately dialogue is the answer to the disputes between the two countries. For that India did make some preparations, but unfortunately, there was no response from the leaders of Pakistan and all our efforts went waste.

The Government has always been saying that there will be no dialogue with Pakistan unless cross border terrorism is stopped. What happened then that immediately, there was a U-turn in the foreign policy and you went for talks? When you want to change your policy, you may be aware that it has to be based on a national consensus. You should have consulted all of us so that a national consensus could have built on this issue.

Apart from that, America is taking a lot of interest in the negotiations. They are asking India and Pakistan about it. They must have consulted you. Was there any indication from those talks that Pakistan has changed its mind and that they are ready to come to the table with an open mind and have a dialogue with us?

My complaint is that you talked to the wrong person. You talked to Mr. Musharaff who usurped power in Pakistan. He was opposed by all the political parties there.

Our Government ignored the history also. At the time of Partition, they said that the Partition had taken place between Hindu India and Muslim India and that Kashmir is an unfinished agenda of Partition. They were claiming Kashmir because it is a Muslim-majority State and they refused to believe that the Maharaja of Kashmir had acceded to India.

Gen. Pervez Musharraf had declared sometime back that he did not agree with the 1949 and 1972 Agreement with India. He did not appreciate even the Lahore Declaration. They say about `two nation theory'. we say that India cannot accept the two nation theory. India is a secular country.

The Government is silent on the fact as to why they changed that policy and why they wanted to have the talks. Some people said that it was America who was forcing the two countries to sit around a table and have talks with him. Press in Pakistan said that their Jehadis in Kashmir forced Shri Vajpayee to come to the table. Some press people said that Shri Vajpayee was getting very unpopular. They should say that it was all wrong.

We are not aware of what the agenda had been. But there is an agenda of Pakistan. The statement of Shri Musharraf and Shri Sattar is there continuously telling the Press what their agenda is. But our agenda was not known to any of us. Gen. Musharraf have had two conferences, meeting with the press. But our Prime Minister and the hon. Minister did not take care to call the press people or experts to discuss with them and give them a feeling that they are all being consulted.

The talks had miserably failed. It ignored the history. There was no compulsion for you to go ahead and jump for talks while the situation in Pakistan was not stable. Who were the beneficiaries of these talks. It was Gen. Musharraf. His position was not stable. You made him stable. He had gone back as a victor.

There is further increase in their activities over there. Now, the talks are again going on. I would only like to ask whether you have again, prepared the home task. We would like to know as to what are the situations in which you are going to talk. All the parties on this side are saying that you may have a talk and we have no objection but you must do the home task.

But before you go there, my advice is that you must finish, fight out Jehadis and finish them in Kashmir. When you finish them, you go to Pakistan. I assure you that you will be respected and something may come from your talks.

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