Tuesday, Oct 04, 2022

This Week’s Top 5 Songs: ‘Rumours’ By Lizzo And Sahdev Dirdo-Badshah’s ‘Bachpan Ka Pyar’

From Lizzo’s ‘Rumour’ To ‘Bachpan Ka Pyar’ By Sehdev Dirdo and Badshah, here's our pick of the top five songs that released this week.

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‘Brainwashed’ By Tom McDonald

An out and out hip-hop song that will also make you think. This song will remind you of Eminem’s music, yet it is very different and very unique in terms of its entire composition. Apart from entertaining, it also creates awareness and through ‘Brainwashed’ McDonald is just warning everybody about the system and how it tends to create friction between neighbours.

‘Rumours’ by Lizzo ft Cardi B

This song will probably take some time before you get into the groove of it, but it is such a beautiful pop song, which will refuse to leave your mind all-day long. Although it’s a pop song, its not entirely dominated by electronic music samples, but instead it uses Lizzo’s voice perfectly which makes you feel like you are in the back of a car, with friends, heading for a party. Cardi B’s rap just adds x-factor to the song, which just takes it to another level.

‘Tum Aaoge’ ('BellBottom') by Amaal Mallik and Armaan Malik

It’s a soulful romantic number from the upcoming film bellbottom, that will immediately take you in with its melody. Beautifully composed by Amaal Mallik, the song is like this beautiful ride, which will remind one about probably that person they love the most. And right now, the way the world is, its just the right song to sort of release because it is just so relatable. Armaan has sung it so well, it doesn’t sound very loud on your ears, and yet something that will have your attention throughout its playtime.

‘Sitaron Se Aage’ by Inalab ft. Dhruv Sangri

This might not qualify into one of those easy listening songs, but that, by any means does not mean its not a good song. Sure, it will take some time before it gets to you, but once it does, it is going to be very difficult to not stop listening to it. Inalab is this beautiful electronic meets rock meets Indian classical music fusion project and their composition takes you through an entire journey. Sung beautifully by Dhruv Sanrgi, his singing capabilities are pretty evident in this song, and music aficianados will find hard to ignore this number, which is perhaps one of the best independent releases this year.

‘Bachpan Ka Pyaar’ By Sahdev Dirdo Ft Badshah, Rico and Aastha Gill

This song will put a smile on your face simply for the fact that this song, which became big on social media, was sampled by Badshah, who has given the entire credit to the 10-year-old boy Sahdev Dirdo, who had become a viral sensation because of the song. In typical Badshah style, the song has beautiful electro pop verses, peppered with 'Bachpan Ka Pyaar' samples throughout the song.