Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Reba Monica John: Want To Be Remembered For My Characters Rather Than The Outfits I Wear

Actress Reba Monica John is known for her work in Malayalam, Tamil and Kannada cinema.

Reba Monica John: Want To Be Remembered For My Characters Rather Than The Outfits I Wear
Actress Reba Monica John was last seen in 'Rathnan Prapancha'. Instagram/reba_john

Actress Reba Monica John, who was recently seen in the Kannada movie 'Rathnan Prapancha' says that while being an 'eye candy' in a film is not a bad deal, she would like to be known for more than just her looks and fashion choices.

The actress, who made her debut Malayalam film 'Jacobinte Swargarajyam' in 2016, has been part of various Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam films ever since.

Talking about doing substantial cinema, John tells us, "I see myself doing things like this (Rathnan Prapancha) in the future. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with being an eye candy but with that I want to do something substantial, so that I can create some sort of a stir, some change in someone's thought process in some way or the other through the characters I play."

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The actress adds, "I am looking at great stories and only great stories will succeed no matter what. I don't thing anything can stop good content Malayalam cinema is a testimony to that. They are small budget films but everybody is talking about the content because that is the hero at the end of the day. I want to be remembered for the characters and films I want to be a part of rather than what outfit I wore and things like that."

John played the role of Mayuri in 'Rathnan Prapancha', which releases digitally through Amazon Prime Video in October.

The actress is of opinion that OTT platforms are helping Kannada cinema get the kind reach it deserves.

"A lot of films, I think that people have appreciated and accepted are the films that have released on digital platforms. Accessibility to Kannada cinema was not as good as rest of the industries. People initially wouldn't want to watch Kannada cinema and I think that's the case with any language."

She adds, "You wouldn't want to watch another language's film until and unless you are really a movie buff. Now with OTT platforms it's all under one roof and a click away. Now there is not as much South and North, it's just cinema, which is great."