Wednesday, Aug 10, 2022

Rakhsha Bandhan 2021: You Can Plant Your Rakhis Or Eat Them Too!

Rakhsha Bandhan 2021: Here are some delectable and eco-friendly rakhi options you will thank us for.

Rakshabandhan 2021: Here’s a low down on the most sought after options in town.

Raksha Bandhan 2021 is almost here and siblings are excited to plan surprises for each other. On this day, sisters tie rakhis on the wrist of their brothers and pray for their long life. That’s not all, in return, brothers give gifts and promise to protect their sisters.

Ahead of Raksha Bandhan, markets are flooded with beautiful and colourful rakhis as the festival of threads draws near. However, after the festivities, people discard rakhis which like most garbage lands up in water bodies or landfills. To solve this problem, we have curated a list of unique rakhis that will help you to make the festival waste-free.

Plant-able rakhi:

This can be the best eco-friendly options available in the market – the plantable seed rakhis comes with indigenous seeds hidden inside it, which, when buried, can grow into a plant. You read that right!

Edible rakhi:

Once the festival is over, most people don’t know what to do with their rakhis. Usually, they throw the rakhis and it ends up in landfills. But what if you can eat your rakhi? Yes, that’s an option now – Many bakeries have come up with customised rakhis that can be eaten.

Terracotta rakhis:

If you are one of those who love colours, terracotta rakhis have to be your option. These are not just eco-friendly but are also very much on trend. These rakhis use terracotta as its base, making them easily recyclable. These come in different coloured embellishments and threads.

This Rakshabandhan, don’t blindly buy something just because it’s attractive. Avoid synthetic rakhis with plastic pearls, embellishments, strings, etc – these are non-biodegradable and therefore, harmful for the environment.