Monday, Oct 03, 2022

‘Pavitra Rishta 2.0’ Actor Shaheer Sheikh: Everything I Do Now, I’ve The Thought Of My Little One Waiting At Home For Me

TV actor Shaheer Sheikh speaks to Outlook and opens up about becoming a dad recently, and how his life has gone upside down completely, but in a good way.

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Actor Shaheer Sheikh, who became a father a few days back, is getting some of the best reviews for his recently released Zee5 show ‘Pavitra Rishta 2.0’. Talking to Prateek Sur, the actor opens up about this new phase of fatherhood in his life, how things have been crazy, how he and his wife are managing and of course the tremendous love he’s receiving for the show. Excerpts:

Congratulations on becoming a father. How different does it feel now that you’re a father?

Different (Laughs)? Everything has changed upside down. Everything that you do now, you have one thing at the back of your head. That little one is waiting for you at home.

It usually is quite crazy in the initial few days…

Yes, yes! Initially, I could not register what is happening to me. I could not even understand the emotions that I was going through. Now, slowly it is sinking in.

How are you managing things now?

My parents have also come down from Jammu. Her parents are also here. So, yes we are managing.

Are you going to be a strict father or a cool dad?

Somebody else also asked me this, and I seriously have no idea. People tell me quite often that I discipline everyone and tell people and remind people what they are supposed to do and what they are not supposed to do. That way I am very strict. But, I seriously don't know (when it comes to my kid). I had never felt these emotions before. So, I don't know how I am going to react to them.

You are doing like back to back ‘Pavitra Rishta 2.0’ and ‘Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi’. It must have been too tiring with the baby coming in and these shoots?

Yes for the last couple of weeks, it was a little hectic. But so far, we have been able to manage, because 'Pavitra Rishta 2.0' is a limited series. It was just 8 episodes in one season. It was slightly more challenging for me, as I am doing ‘Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi’, and then this thing happened. They both overlapped mostly because of the lockdown and the pandemic. Otherwise, it was not planned this way. But, I am over that phase now and I think everything is good now.

Are you taking some time off now that you’ve become a dad?

Yes, yes, yes! That is the plan. That is the first thing that I would do. I am not signing anything after this for some time, and I just want to spend some time at home.