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Love Story | The Girl Who Gave Her Heart Away

Love Story | The Girl Who Gave Her Heart Away

They met on an expedition in the hills. He had his eyes on her. She thought he was merely flirting. Love happened.

Representative image. Vikram Sharma/Outlook.

Minu stretched her arms and took a deep breath of fresh air. She closed her eyes, looked up and exclaimed, “How magical is this view! The snow-capped mountains stand like big towers and even the vast azure skies look small! I wish I could stay here forever. Oh! the Himalayas, you have my heart!”

“O’ come on, your heart belongs to me dear, and no one else. Give me a chance to take care of it and I promise you won’t regret it.”

“Eww… how cheesy is that! Hello Mr., do not act smart, okay? I know all you guys who flirt like this very well. Since the time the trekking began, I have been noticing you. All you men have just one thing in mind.”

“I agree, you are on my mind since the moment I saw you. After all, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, Madam. Now, what can my eyes do when you are so beautiful?”

“Oh, my God, this is the limit! Why do you have to be in the same group of hikers is beyond me. This is my vacation and I am going to enjoy it no matter what and hence I shall ignore you royally.”

“I bet you can’t. Love me or hate me, you just cannot ignore me.”

“And this dialogue is from which movie by the way? Do you even hear yourself say that?”

“Nah, I just saw you blush while I said that and I think my day is made.”

“Matlab… chance pe dance, na?”

“Bilkul! Mujhse dosti karogi na?”

“You are just impossible.”



Minu returned home after two weeks of mountaineering expedition. The next day, her mother asked: “Did you see the photograph and the biodata that I had given you last night?”

“No, Maa…Not again, Maa! For God’s sake, leave me alone. I just came home and all you can think is to get me married and send me away from home. I am not seeing anything.”

“I know beta, but this rishta is nice. Trust me, Raghav is a nice person. Just see once for yourself.”

“Maa, I want to be in love with the guy I will marry. Not just anyone na?”

Before she could complete her sentence, Minu grabbed the photograph that her Mom held out.

“This guy! You mean this one? I just met him on the trek…” Minu was surprised but could not suppress her smile after seeing the photograph.

“Haan. He is the one and I have been after you to just consider it once but you just ran away on the trek.”

Ignoring her mother’s words, Minu took out her phone and dialed a number.

“Hello, so Professor sahib, all this was your plan, hain? To meet me in person. I shall surely applaud… what planning! I must tell you that I hate you for your cheesiness, but there is so much more beyond that outer layer. By the way, what did you tell me? You are still hunting for jobs! What do you teach by the way?

“The art of flirting, of course. Leave all this, tell me when do I bring baraat to your home? And listen, I fell in love with you the moment I met you during our trek and that’s on a serious note.”

“Oh God! I never thought I will fall for such a flirt.” Minu could not stop laughing. And her mother could not understand the sudden transition in her daughter.