Tuesday, Jul 05, 2022

I Feel Truly Proud: Sona Mohapatra On Her billboard In New York's Times Square

Sona Mohapatra’s billboard was put up in Times Square, New York, as a part of #SpotifyEqual campaign

Sona Mohapatra released her single 'Ek Din' Source:Twitter

Singer-songwriter Sona Mohapatra has become the latest musician to be on the billboard in Times Square, New York as part of the ongoing campaign, which aims to create equality for women in the entertainment industry, by the streaming platform Spotify, celebrating 35 female artists from various countries around the world.  

“To be woken up in the middle of the night to see photographs of my face on a billboard covering a skyscraper in one of my favourite cities New York was a surreal feeling. To be one of the first independent musicians to be given this place is a pop culture milestone because it paves the way for artistic expression of various hues and colours free from cookie-cutter formula’s in musical mainstream success,” she tells us.

Mohapatra, obviously was on cloud nine, given the fact that her recently released single, ‘Ek Din’ too is doing well. And as luck would have it, her song’s music video too released today.

“I am super chuffed that just pure music without the fanfare and distractions connects with music lovers so well! ‘Aise Na They’ last month and now ‘Ek Din’ put me on this global Spotify billboard. Of course the biggest part of that credit goes to a song composer and music producer like Ram Sampath,” she says.

“I feel truly proud of having a first movers advantage by consistently putting out original music via my own indie label Omgrown Music over a decade. This billboard is a validation of that constant hustle of never giving up on the power of music and self-belief. My allies have stood by me through thick and thin and I am grateful for their belief. Ram Sampath leads that list,” she says.