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Niira Radia Tapes

#84 Manoj Warrier: Jun 20, 2009 22:53:23

On Vir's article

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#84 Manoj Warrier: Jun 20, 2009 22:53:23

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RADIA: Haan Manoj?

MANOJ: It was a good article

RADIA: It's a good article. I think it gets the message to the audience that we wanted to get to , haina?

MANOJ: Yeah, yeah, absolutely. A little bit hit we will also have to take.

RADIA: I agree with you, we have to take...

MANOJ: Boss, I think isme koii aese nahii bolegaa ki Mukesh Anil se baRaa hai yaan Mukesh mahaan hai aur Anil ekdum ye hai. Aesa koi likhne wala nahii hai. Let's abandon the thought.


MANOJ: [inaudible] I think it is a very good article. Very well written.

RADIA: What do you think about reaching out our messages to our various audiences?

MANOJ: I think the article itself can be circulated. Obviously, the other people who you have spoken to will realise that ... usne verbatim wo liya hai usme se kii natural resources ek aadmii puuraa corner kar rahaa hai ek aadmii kar ke...People will know...

RADIA: kyaa?


MANOJ: I am just downloading the text, I am cut pasting it because

RADIA: Ummmm, okay, okay I can’t see it, not… I can’t see ... where does he say that one person, thing, oh yeah, it is one thing for an industrialist to… yeah, yeah.

MANOJ: Yeah, yeah, likha hai, boss. Verbatim.

RADIA: [Reads out this passage from Vir Sanghvi's article fast:

It’s one thing for an industrialist to pay off a politician to build a factory; quite another for him to corner our gas, our coal, our spectrum, our iron ore or whatever. [Laughs]

MANOJ: Yeh sab log samajh jainge kaun hai iske pichhe karke (Everyone will understand who is behind this).

RADIA: Haan?

MANOJ: All the people whom you have spoken to with the same argument will realise who is behind this article.

RADIA: Hmmm. But judges ke liye to thiik hai?

MANOJ: Haan, haan. Patel ko to embarrass kar hii detaa hai naa?

RADIA: Good, good now. Let's hope for... Swaminathan kaa article dekhaa paRegaa...


[This transcription is hurriedly done and incomplete and needs to be revisited for checking and completing the missing bits.]

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