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Niira Radia Tapes

#33 A Raja: May 24, 2009 11:05:11

'Tell Sunil Mittal, you have to work along with Raja for another five years'

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#33 A Raja: May 24, 2009 11:05:11

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May 24, 2009, 11:05:11

Niira:  Hi!

A. Raja: Hello?

Niira:  Hi!

A. Raja: Haan tell me.

Niira:  Mr Raja?

A. Raja: Yes?

Niira:  Nira

A. Raja: Tell me, Nira, anything?

Niira:  I sent you an SMS. I’ve been speaking to Kani, so I just thought that… basically what they are saying is that you should be there.

A. Raja: Haan

Niira:  Leader is generally is saying that you should be there, because of the, you know, the Dalit dispensation, all that, you know. The Dravidian, the party, and all that… saying that Leader, if it was left to him, he would have focused on the party first. This is unfortunate that his family is coming in the way and Cho Ramaswamy has given a favourable remark that it should be limited to this thing

A. Raja: Okay

Niira:  But I’ve been talking to Kani, she spoke to me, she said, “No independent.” They are not giving independent… just now.

A. Raja: My case is clear, haan?

Niira:  Yours is clear, yeah. Your case was cleared last night only

A. Raja: Okay

Niira:  No, but what is happening with Daya?

A. Raja: What?

Niira:  Daya?

A. Raja: [inaudible] Rest of the thing is… Textiles or Fertilisers

Niira:  Not for Daya…

A. Raja: Either of them.

Niira:  But Azhagiri or Daya? Only one can come, no?

A. Raja: No, two. Two can come.

Niira:  Both?

Raju: Baalu will be the problem. I hope [sic]

Niira:  I think that will be difficult for the Leader to justify three family members.

A. Raja: That is it, that is… (chuckles) everybody knows

Niira:  No, no, she said that. Kani told me this last night, that’s what the father told her yesterday.

R: Oh

N: That for him to justify three family members will become very difficult. He recognises that problem, haan?

A. Raja: What can you do? We’ll see, let us wait.

Niira:  Yeah. I think he will have to re-look at that. You’re all meeting him individually now? Or the meeting is still going on?

A. Raja: Not at all, not at all.

Niira:  Narayanan’s meeting is going on?

A. Raja: Narayanan’s meeting is over. He has gone to Delhi, with cover.

Niira:  He’s gone to?

A. Raja: He has gone to catch the flight… with cover.

Niira:  Narayanan, yeah?

A. Raja: List, list…with the list, he has gone out.

Niira:  He has gone out with the list, no?

A. Raja: I didn't know what is inside the cover.

Niira:  And Kani? Is with father?

A. Raja: Maybe yes… maybe she knows.

Niira:  I will call her now. And you are not there?

A. Raja: I am not yet there.

Niira:  You’re not there? And Maran? Maran is there, no?

A. Raja: (He is) there, yes

Niira:  Why you didn’t go?

A. Raja: I didn’t go.

Niira:  Huh?

A. Raja: Alright… why should we go?

Niira:  You should be there, no?

A. Raja: No problem… morning I met, and thereafter I came back for another work

Niira:  And Azhagiri… he knows what Maran has been saying about him?

A. Raja: …it is known to Azhagiri.

Niira:  It is, no?

A. Raja: It is known to Azhagiri, but he cannot talk with father… timely (sic) he will speak, only thing is, Maran will start the campaign against me…

N: Hmm

R: …that has to be taken care of

Niira:  You have to fight differently.

R: Hmm… he may tell the press Prime Minister is coming again... this and that… spectrum…

Niira:  No, no… we are handling… don’t worry. We have to take so much off, you know, even Congress had to make that statement, no? I spoke to Sunil Mittal…Did Chandoliya tell you?

A. Raja: I didn't know

Niira:  I told him to stop. I told him, it doesn’t help…

A. Raja: Hmm …tell Sunil Mittal, you have to work along with Raja for another five years. So, don’t …

Niira:  I told him that. I told him that. But then you also have to distance yourself from Anil. You must be neutral.

A. Raja: Ah that we can keep.

Transcript main source: From the petition submitted to SC.

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