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Your Guide To Finding The Best Food In Singapore

From buzzing hawker centres with Michelin-starred kiosks to upscale restaurants helmed by celebrated chefs, Singapore's culinary scape is one to reckon with. If you are heading there soon, here's our guide to finding the best food in Singapore

Singapore's hawker centres are a melting pot of different culinary cultures Photo: Ethan Hu on Unsplash

There's a bunch to see in Singapore. But if we were to give you one good reason why you must visit this island nation, it is food. With a population made up of multiple cultures, Singapore is bubbling with robust and authentic flavours of Indian, Chinese, Singaporean, and Malay cuisines. While any place in Singapore can floor a foodie, there are a few that have rightfully attained cult status, compelling many gourmands from all over the world to make a pilgrimage. If you are heading to the country anytime soon, we've put together a trusty guide to help you score the best bites in every neighbourhood and across hawker centres to straight-up Michelin star champions.