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Tips And Tricks: How To Attract Travellers The "Right" Way?

Gopinath Parayil, the Founder of 'The Blue Yonder', and Emma Horne, the Founder of 'Emma Horne Travels', discuss the power of a robust "product" and effective communication in attracting valuable guests.

Attracting travellers the right and ethical way is essential Photo: Shutterstock

You have built a beautiful homestay or you have been working at the grassroots level with a rural community in a beautiful corner of India and now want to get travellers here to help create more income sources. But, how do you reach out to these "invisible" customers?

Before you start reaching out to potential customers, you should keep in mind that people "buy" people, so investing effort in building networks and collaborations through interactions, especially in real and also in virtual spaces is critical. Also, authentic travel experiences hinge upon relationships built with local communities, making sure the travel enterprise connects with their felt needs. Only if such authentic experiences are offered, will travellers truly respect the value proposition you have created.