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Responsible Escapes Romancing Rural India

Culture Aangan is an organisation dedicated to development projects at the grass root level, in the sectors of agri-community tourism, revival of traditional art and culture, and education in Sindhudurg

The simple yet elegant interiors and verdant environs of Dhuri Homestay Photo: Culture Aangan

My trip to the Sindhudurg district in Maharashtra had quite the rocky start. Not only was my flight delayed, it was also diverted to Bengaluru due to low visibility at my destination. After finally reaching Goa, a two-hour drive to a remote village near the town of Sawantwadi was in order. I was feeling a mix of trepidation and excitement at the prospect of staying at the homestay. Although I had spent several summer holidays in my grandfathers village in Himachal Pradesh as a child, I had never quite had a rural experience as a grown-up. The lovely drive, passing fields of emerald and trees rejuvenated by the recent rains, lulled me into a peaceful slumber, and I began forgetting my terrible flight experience.